Egadi islands, Sicily, 2010


Finally, our holidays!
Departure from our office with Blacky the legend, Elena and Daniele’s "Ducati". Luggage on the tank and one small backpack, the minimum necessary (Daniele doesn’t even bring his mobile).
First destination the harbor of Naples to board at 8 PM for Palermo. At the harbor, a guy from Naples tries to sell us not succeeding , for 50 euros, a pair of sunglasses that, five minutes later, will sell to a girl sitting right next to us (no decency!) for 10 euros!
Once on board, the famous Frova & Colangelo firm, buys the “gotta-enjoy-life” kit and prepares a superlative aperitif on the deck facing the Vesuvio.
To follow, dinner over the extra luxury restaurant on board served with a precious wine "SNAV", whose vineyard is located at abaft.
Tired, we decide to lie on the soft cashmere moquette in the corridor of deck n.6, lulled by the supreme smell of the powerful engine’s gasoline.


Get off the ferry and straight to "Scopello" and its world famous tonnara for the first dive. A couple of hrs later, our hungry stomachs pull us uphill where the sweet town is. Those rumors from friends were right about that restaurant called “Il Baglio”. As a starter a little silent square paved with white marbles and furnished with a wonderful secular tree. And as main dish, pappardelle ai fiori di mare (sea urchin, shrimps, mussels and pistachios) for me, and a tipical local pasta called busiate served with tomatoe, eggplant, sword fish and pepper mint...simply delicious!
A horrified old guy from the main square watches Elena getting on the Ducati, and the two of us taking off towards the mountain where Erice lays. We're short on time and the ferry taking us to Favignana is already warming up its engines at the harbor, but our faithfull Blacky takes us there just on time to start our real holiday.
Obviously the only camping on the island (Camping Egad) is totally full! The mighty Francesco from the reception, driven by compassion (considering Elena's age), parks the two of us on a pitch right on top of a sewer, right next to the Favignana's freeway and right behind a group of horny teenagers that won't make us sleep till sunrise.
Our dinner at the “Nautilus”, the only restaurant on the beach in town, is the right way to end up our day, in front of a great meal (but quite expensive).