Egadi islands part four...Gioacchino

Again the rooster...but today we feel like two real explorers so we decide to go find some special unspoiled spots. Blacky leads us to Scaro Cavallo where she decides to stop and to be parked considering the view. On our left the little town cemetery and in front of us Levanzo and the Trapani coast to turn everything into a painting. Again tuff rocks and caves make the surroundings astonishing, and the entrance to one of these caves leads us to an unknown path following an unbelievable cliff on the turquoise sea.
Spotting hares, getting needles in our feet and stuffing down figs and mellon just bought from the local farmer, we reach this huge tuff pit where Daniele wants to get down to find an outlet to the sea...but not succeeding. The view is so incredibly beautiful that we decide to postpone our swim of the day to enjoy Cala Rossa on the background, the sailing boats looking like millions ants in the sea and a little hawk playing with the currents!!!
Once back to Blacky at Scaro Cavallo we opt for staying there a bit and spread our bodies under the sunset light till 7 p.m, to have dinner at Bar Cavallo where a peacefull atmosphere and the genuine and simple cuisine make their garden a tale come true...a little paradise. Hammered and satisfied we head to town where the crazy Favignana night is waiting for us.
And that's where we met him, the Rais, Gioacchino (, very Gioac and not so ino. A man, a mountain, a mith for the island inhabitants, the man portrayed on many pictures rapresenting him struggling 500 Kilograms tuna fishes in the mattanze.
Daniele, just like a terrier does, spots him in the middle of a huge crowd while talking with some tourists in front of a good glass of local wine and gets close to the grand fisher man to solve his doubt: "Are you the one from the many pictures I saw around?". The Rais stands up in all his majesty and gives his massive hand to shake and introduce himself. Daniele nearly reach his hips, but he manages to book a day trip around the island on Gioacchino's boat for the coming up days.

Portraits on a location

Specialized in protraits, natural enivroments and social photography, here's a sample of a photo session I realized in Tuscany.
Planning everything together, from the location, to the dressing style and the mood you want to express, I can deliver you a high quality product you'll be totally satisfied with.
You can contact me through the blog and I'll be back to you right away.

Egadi islands part three...the rooster

On time like a bank asking for money, at 9 a.m the rooster screams loud from the camping's speakers and following the official resident voice at the reception informs us about the weather and the wind blowing in order to choose the rigth side of the island to go enjoy the day under the sun.
On our bike we head to our favorite grocery store on the way, to buy fruits for lunch and two carpets to lay comfortable on the rocks and then we park next to Lido Burrone. The first impression is good even if a bit over crowded for our standards. Maybe families like it because it's close to the street and there's few beaches to sun bath on, but the colors are still amazing so we decide to stay and take great naps on some uncomfortable tuff rocks (that's why we bought the carpets) and wake up only to refresh sometimes, bite the delicious fruits we have, and read few lines of our books.
Around 7 p.m. we decide to save some good 50 euros and we choose to head to Camarillo Brillo for an enormous aperitivo.

Montepulciano area, Tuscany

I don't need to spend too many words describing such an amazing place. Montepulciano is world wide famous for its wine, its surroundings (as any other part of this Italian region) and its architectural beauties. But as you can see from the pictures I focused more on the natural aspect of the area, since you'll be able to find as many pictures as you want on the medieval buildings and squares of the town, but in particular this are shots taken from a friend of mine's country house, deepen in the hills and where you could spend some days if you book in advance. The place is called Poggio Golo and you'll be delighted by its well furnished appartments, the big swimming pool placed in a wonderful garden and their own production of Nobile di Montepulciano and olive oil.
I can assure you it's worth it to give it a'll totally want to go back there again and again.
If you need any more information about the area and palces to visit, you can contact me here, and I'll be more then glade to help you arranging your perfect staying.
Coming up, in any case, some more good hints on this wonderful slice of Italy called Tuscany.