Mazunte, a hippy paradise on the Mexican Pacific coast

It's February by the time I'm writing this post and in my country this is probably the worst part of the year in terms of cold and weather. The Pacific coast is there blinking at me and my will of jumping into the water is just too strong. It takes 6 hrs by bus from Oaxaca to Potchutla, and from there you have quite a big choice where to go. Zipolite is the most popular seaside of the area and when I first left was actually my first choice, but as it happens all the time when traveling I changed my mind and headed to Mazunte.

Oaxaca. A city, a state in Mexico

I'm from Rome, and as you might know that is the Capitol of Catholicism and the city where you can find the biggest number of churches in the whole world...well forget about this statistic! Oaxaca, considering how small it is, smashes that record!

Districto Federal...mind the gap. Next stop Oaxaca!

Mexico City is so huge that I have no idea where to start from, but let me be alternative and begin from San Angel. This colonia (that's how neighbors are called here) is just lovely, where time has stopped and all the rushing in the rest of this mighty city is left behind.

A'dam between Rome and Mexico City

It's always a pleasure to come back to Amsterdam, expecially if it's a stop over for your flight bringing you to hotter places then Italy in this period of the year (in this case is Mexico). With 4.5 euros the train takes you from Schipol to Central station in a blink of an eye and then you're in the middle of the scene!