As the new year is approaching, you can recap through images the "old" one and remember something you might have forgotten.

Egadi islands part four...Gioacchino

Again the rooster...but today we feel like two real explorers so we decide to go find some special unspoiled spots. Blacky leads us to Scaro Cavallo where she decides to stop and to be parked considering the view. On our left the little town cemetery and in front of us Levanzo and the Trapani coast to turn everything into a painting. Again tuff rocks and caves make the surroundings astonishing, and the entrance to one of these caves leads us to an unknown path following an unbelievable cliff on the turquoise sea.
Spotting hares, getting needles in our feet and stuffing down figs and mellon just bought from the local farmer, we reach this huge tuff pit where Daniele wants to get down to find an outlet to the sea...but not succeeding. The view is so incredibly beautiful that we decide to postpone our swim of the day to enjoy Cala Rossa on the background, the sailing boats looking like millions ants in the sea and a little hawk playing with the currents!!!
Once back to Blacky at Scaro Cavallo we opt for staying there a bit and spread our bodies under the sunset light till 7 p.m, to have dinner at Bar Cavallo where a peacefull atmosphere and the genuine and simple cuisine make their garden a tale come true...a little paradise. Hammered and satisfied we head to town where the crazy Favignana night is waiting for us.
And that's where we met him, the Rais, Gioacchino (http://www.gioacchinocataldo.it), very Gioac and not so ino. A man, a mountain, a mith for the island inhabitants, the man portrayed on many pictures rapresenting him struggling 500 Kilograms tuna fishes in the mattanze.
Daniele, just like a terrier does, spots him in the middle of a huge crowd while talking with some tourists in front of a good glass of local wine and gets close to the grand fisher man to solve his doubt: "Are you the one from the many pictures I saw around?". The Rais stands up in all his majesty and gives his massive hand to shake and introduce himself. Daniele nearly reach his hips, but he manages to book a day trip around the island on Gioacchino's boat for the coming up days.

Portraits on a location

Specialized in protraits, natural enivroments and social photography, here's a sample of a photo session I realized in Tuscany.
Planning everything together, from the location, to the dressing style and the mood you want to express, I can deliver you a high quality product you'll be totally satisfied with.
You can contact me through the blog and I'll be back to you right away.

Egadi islands part three...the rooster

On time like a bank asking for money, at 9 a.m the rooster screams loud from the camping's speakers and following the official resident voice at the reception informs us about the weather and the wind blowing in order to choose the rigth side of the island to go enjoy the day under the sun.
On our bike we head to our favorite grocery store on the way, to buy fruits for lunch and two carpets to lay comfortable on the rocks and then we park next to Lido Burrone. The first impression is good even if a bit over crowded for our standards. Maybe families like it because it's close to the street and there's few beaches to sun bath on, but the colors are still amazing so we decide to stay and take great naps on some uncomfortable tuff rocks (that's why we bought the carpets) and wake up only to refresh sometimes, bite the delicious fruits we have, and read few lines of our books.
Around 7 p.m. we decide to save some good 50 euros and we choose to head to Camarillo Brillo for an enormous aperitivo.

Montepulciano area, Tuscany

I don't need to spend too many words describing such an amazing place. Montepulciano is world wide famous for its wine, its surroundings (as any other part of this Italian region) and its architectural beauties. But as you can see from the pictures I focused more on the natural aspect of the area, since you'll be able to find as many pictures as you want on the medieval buildings and squares of the town, but in particular this are shots taken from a friend of mine's country house, deepen in the hills and where you could spend some days if you book in advance. The place is called Poggio Golo and you'll be delighted by its well furnished appartments, the big swimming pool placed in a wonderful garden and their own production of Nobile di Montepulciano and olive oil.
I can assure you it's worth it to give it a try...you'll totally want to go back there again and again.
If you need any more information about the area and palces to visit, you can contact me here, and I'll be more then glade to help you arranging your perfect staying.
Coming up, in any case, some more good hints on this wonderful slice of Italy called Tuscany.


I'm sure every designer knows what I'm talking about.
This hotel in Brussells is the latest awesome idea in the hotel business.
But we're talking about something that has to be seen and not described, so please have a look and get ready to will a ticket to the Belgium capital.
Check it out on this link...Pantone Hotel

Vivo Altrove

This morning, while on the car to come to work, I was listening to an interesting radio program where I heard about this book and its internet site.
I've always been sensitive about the issue covered in it...and here I am to report the site as a very well done work.
For all of those who have been thinking for ever about leaving their country to go live abroad, for those who never found the courage to do so or just have so many doubts about it, and for those who are already living somewhere else outside their home country, this is where you could find all the answers to the questions you never had the courage or chance to ask.
Surf it wisely: Vivo altrove

Amazing Bed Covers

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Apple Old Software Database

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Road Sharing

"RoadSharing" is for all those people who like traveling on low budget, meet new friends, share costs and save the world from pollution.
Here's a great site to enjoy and make your dreams come true."RoadSharing"
I haven't used it yet (I will as soon as I can), but in combination with "CouchSurfing" this could be an amazing chance to travel around the world in a different way.
Please sponsor it as much as you can and let's try to make the world a better place.

Egadi islands, part 2


The revange is just around the corner though. At a glance, the following morning, Francesco delights the two of us with a supreme spot that has 10 cm of space around it. Elena is satisfied with it! Her new house is now pitch number 208.
Blacky (our Ducati) can't wait no more, and we leave right after sunrise to explore the island. First dive at Cala Rotonda that is not so crowded considering is aug 15th, but as soon as some people start to show up, we start one of our crazy explorations ending at the tuff caves. Danny was almost put under arrest for showing off his moray in public spaces, during one of his water tricks he was performing for being so happy about the beauty of the spot. A lady relaxing on a boat anchored just out there, did not really enjoy the show and called the cops.
Aperitif over the “Camarillo Brillo” that gives that little sweet buzz to Elena, enough to leed the two of us (on our elbows) over “La bettola” (better to book in advance!!!). Service is great (ask for Umberto, a smart and nice boy working and owning the place), price is good related to the quality!

The Green Side of my Soul

Hera are some interesting sites where you can find cool stuff good to our planet.
If you have to buy, do it consciously...it's just a matter of using the brain.

Great Green Goods

Great Green Shoes

Earth Lover Shopping

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10 Ways 2 Go Green

Egadi islands, Sicily, 2010


Finally, our holidays!
Departure from our office with Blacky the legend, Elena and Daniele’s "Ducati". Luggage on the tank and one small backpack, the minimum necessary (Daniele doesn’t even bring his mobile).
First destination the harbor of Naples to board at 8 PM for Palermo. At the harbor, a guy from Naples tries to sell us not succeeding , for 50 euros, a pair of sunglasses that, five minutes later, will sell to a girl sitting right next to us (no decency!) for 10 euros!
Once on board, the famous Frova & Colangelo firm, buys the “gotta-enjoy-life” kit and prepares a superlative aperitif on the deck facing the Vesuvio.
To follow, dinner over the extra luxury restaurant on board served with a precious wine "SNAV", whose vineyard is located at abaft.
Tired, we decide to lie on the soft cashmere moquette in the corridor of deck n.6, lulled by the supreme smell of the powerful engine’s gasoline.


Get off the ferry and straight to "Scopello" and its world famous tonnara for the first dive. A couple of hrs later, our hungry stomachs pull us uphill where the sweet town is. Those rumors from friends were right about that restaurant called “Il Baglio”. As a starter a little silent square paved with white marbles and furnished with a wonderful secular tree. And as main dish, pappardelle ai fiori di mare (sea urchin, shrimps, mussels and pistachios) for me, and a tipical local pasta called busiate served with tomatoe, eggplant, sword fish and pepper mint...simply delicious!
A horrified old guy from the main square watches Elena getting on the Ducati, and the two of us taking off towards the mountain where Erice lays. We're short on time and the ferry taking us to Favignana is already warming up its engines at the harbor, but our faithfull Blacky takes us there just on time to start our real holiday.
Obviously the only camping on the island (Camping Egad) is totally full! The mighty Francesco from the reception, driven by compassion (considering Elena's age), parks the two of us on a pitch right on top of a sewer, right next to the Favignana's freeway and right behind a group of horny teenagers that won't make us sleep till sunrise.
Our dinner at the “Nautilus”, the only restaurant on the beach in town, is the right way to end up our day, in front of a great meal (but quite expensive).

Silk fever goin' up

Here are some more goods from India.
The silk is premium quality, coming from one of the most famous areas for the production of this precious material...Varanasi.
From scarfs, to fancy shirts, to bed covers...I've got them all, in any color, any texture and any size.
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Bagno Vignoni

You don't need to go far away to be in paradise...
Ahahahah! It sounds like one of those fancy, shiny, glossy headline...but it's true!!! Works for me at least...living in Italy.
"Adler Thermae" is one of those places you'll never forget.
A bit expensive, but worth every single cent!
Laying just below the town of Bagno Vignoni, this place has it all!!!From high quality rooms, to a great restaurant...not to mention the infrastructure! And if you get bored of all this relaxing, you can take a break visiting the many ancient towns surrounding the area:
Castiglione d'Orcia (just in front of the SPA you get a wonderful view of it bathing in the pool), Bagno Vignoni itself, San Quirico, Pienza...they're all part of the "Val d'Orcia" nominated heritage of the world by UNESCO. But don't only stick around the main path!!! If you'll be a bit curious you'll find places where the time has stopped and won't even believe your eyes. Just to mention a couple of spots, Monticchiello e Castelluccio are two good examples of what I'm talking about.
And for those who like sitting around a table and enjoy great tastes, "Il Vecchio Forno" in San Quirico d'Orcia is totally the place to go. In Tuscany you won't have so many problems spotting good places to go out for dinner and remember it for ever, but trust me this is a place to visit!!!
Another impressive restaurant (the food is above the average, but the location is over the top) is "La Porta" in the wonderful Monticchiello. Since it's a small place and the tables are not so many (especially on the terrace), try to make a reservation...and you won't be disappointed.


Another clever idea from those smart Italian asses

Design [desaign]

Se si è seduti su una sedia che costa come una coppia di bustine al silicone buono, laccata di un colore shocking, che sarebbe scomoda anche per un essere privo di colonna vertebrale, funzionale zero ed abbinabile con altri complementi d'arredo assurdi e senza senso...allora si è seduti su una sedia di design.

Dodecafonico [?]

La musica dodecafonica è, per me, un pò come una sedia di design: inutile, incompressibile e per atteggioni.
Andare ad ascoltare un concerto di musica dodecafonica fa molto fico, come la sedia, ti fa sentire appartenente ad una certa classe, come la sedia, e ti riempie la bocca quando dici a qualcuno che hai appena acquistato un biglietto x andarne a vedere un'esibizione.
Io ho avuto semplicemente l'impressione di stare ad ascoltare una serie si rumori scollegati che, in alcuni momenti, sembravano spezzoni di colonna sonora di un film di David Linch, e in altri effetti sonori di un episodi di Tom e jerry.
Eppure Pappano si esalta così tanto quando ne dirige un pezzo!

Downshifting [daunscifting]

E' uno dei tanti termini anglosassoni che ormai fanno parte del nostro vocabolario.
In breve è un fenomeno a cui stanno prendendo parte tutte quelle persone che vogliono rallentare, che non vogliono più essere travolti dalla frenesia della vita tutta "produci, consuma e crepa".
Downshifting letteralmente signifca scalare marcia; e allora perchè non smetterla di scalare marcia sul Raccordo Anulare ed iniziare a farlo nella vita più in generale?!

Emoticons [ :-) ]

Ermetiche, essenziali, esaustive!
Quest'unione tra due parole, emotions e icons, ha dato vita a questo nuovo modo d'esprimersi, di esprimere le proprie emozioni. Perchè, per quanto la parola scritta sia un'arte, quando ci si scrive o si "chatta", è facilissimo incorrere in fraintendimenti, non si riesce a capire lo stato d'animo dell'altro; manca fondamentalmente il tono della voce, la mimica facciale, il linguaggio del corpo.
Io sono un fan di Skype, anche se ancora non ho capito bene quale sia il modo corretto di pronunciare il suo nome, e lì c'è un emoticon che mi fa impazzire e che un pò rispecchia il mio atteggiamento nei confronti della vita; quel mio modo goliardico di relazionarmi al quotidiano.
Provate a scrivere (mooning) e fatevi due risate!

Grazie [gratzie]

Grazie, per essere cresciuto in una famiglia dai sani principi, per essere in salute, per essere nato in Italia e non nel Burundi, per avermi fatto piacente, per non avere bisogno di nulla, per avermi dato la possibilità di fare più o meno quello che voglio, per avermi fatto conoscere il mondo ed avermi regalato il dono della curiosità, per avermi fatto affrontare la vita con i mille aiuti che mi hai regalato...grazie ar cazzo che ti ringrazio!

JCDecaux [geisidecuaux]

Anche i cartelloni pubblicitari hanno subito un evoluzione, ed oggi abbiamo questa multinazionale dello spazio comunicativo che ci propina il metro quadro ad assetto variabile.
Siamo tanti su questo pianeta, e lo spazio a disposizione è sempre meno, come lo è il tempo. Ed è così che, nell'era della crisi energetica, questi psico-terroristi, hanno trovato il modo di ottimizzare lo spazio ed il tempo, per accrescere le possibilità di farci il lavaggio del cervello. Un rullo che scorre su se stesso, sprecando energia elettica, sul quale sono affissi più messaggi atti ad indurci al consumo incondizionato.

Nicaragua by the Caribbean, Corn Island

The most exciting thing that happened to me during this part of the trip, was the flight! Managua to Corn Island, with a short stop in Bluefields pickin' up some other dudes! The airplane was just creepy, one those you would never step on, and I almost passed out when I realized that the window next to pilot was just a normal window...just like the one you use to find on some old cars. But the best was still to come!!! Once we took off, the engines did roll at full power for about 30 minutes, trying to reach the right altitude...and all of a sudden...the rpm dropped down sooo quickly that I thought we had serious engines problems. My face turned purple, staring at everyone's face trying to find some comprehensive looks. Don't worry...we made it to the altitude, my neighbor said. Ohhh well!!! Five minutes later we started to go down again, with the structure shacking badly as we were approaching to the next airport.
And again...from Bluefield to Corn island! I was high in the sky...but I had never been so close to hell!!!
I spent a full week on the island, staying over this gorgeous "resort" called Caffè del Mar run by a German guy and his wife (a local). The location was right on the beach, one those you usually see on magazines, and my hammock was under a metal roof with all the others.
My typical day?
Wake up early in the morning (it was quite hot under that hut!!!) and enjoy the quietness of the beaches. No tourism, no crowds, no nothing. Just me and the unspoiled nature. Swimming was the biggest part of the deal, and every time I reached an isolated spot, I would get naked in the water and enjoyed the sense of freedom that condition gives, in a total state of silence and with those bright colors all over you.
This is not a place to go if you're looking for clubs or night life in general. This is a place where you can be with yourself if you want, where you can play with little local kids till you're so tired you can barely walk to your hammock, where you can look at the fishermen coming back from a tough day and buy your fish right on the beach, where coconuts are hanging on the trees calling you to be picked up and drunk. This is where the time has stopped!

Media [midia]

Se associato alla parola "mass" significa mezzo di comunicazione, se preso singolarmente è un termine matematico che "generalizza". In entrambi i casi, ai giorni d'oggi, è una parola che mi terrorizza, xchè non fa altro che racchiudere in una vasta entità un'infinità di diversità; in uno comunicando ad una massa, nell'altro semplificando un quasiasi concetto immensamente grande.

mood [muud]

OOhhhh!!! Finalmente una parola che guarda al mondo positivamente...il muud è il senso di un film, la sensazione che ti trasmette; l'andamento di una serata, il carattere di un disegno, l'atmosfera di un locale, il tema di una mostra, la melodia di una musica, la classificazione di una serata in, l'espressione di un tipo arredamento...ma più di tutti è lo stato d'animo di una persona. Ed io ora sono in grazia de dio!


Forse non tutti sanno che gli esquimesi hanno più di 20 parole per definire la neve, mentre gli americani ne hanno più di 20 per fare lo stesso...ma con la fica!

Notturno [in E flat major - Andante]

Scendi alla stazione di Ostia e prendi il notturno che ferma ad una quindicina di minuti a piedi dalla darsena da cui devi salpare. Lì, sai che dovrai deviare di altri dieci minuti per andare a prendere due birrette per non presentarti a mani nude.
Questa sera mi sono preso un Notturno di Chopin mentre camminavo, di notte, per una via alberata del mio paese (Grottaferrata).

obsoleto [ci sarai!]

Una parola di un certo spessore, di un certo peso, con una sua certa importanza. Una parola che, fino a qualche tempo fa faceva fare un figurone a chi la usava, venivi guardato strano come sei avessi offeso il tuo interlocutore:

Luigi - "Stai proprio indietro! Il tuo palmare è obsoleto!"
Io - "Ma vaffanculo! Ce sarai obsoleto!"

Oggi è tutto obsoleto, xchè tutto viene sorpassato alla velocità dell'elettronica, della voglia di andare avanti a soddisfare fondamentalmente la pigrizia umana e a stimolare un senso del consumo che ormai si divora il nostro ego e ci standardizza.
Ed è così che ci ritroviamo che i nostri ragazzi, quelli che porteranno avanti il discorso, se ne vanno in giro con la convinzione di indossare un capo "unico", ad esempio, e nn si rendono conto che, se si guardano intorno, tutti sono più o meno uguali.

Operatore [ecologico]

L'operatore è come il clochard, o il diversamente abile, o la escort.
E' uno di quei termini ipocriti, politically correct, che vengono usati per dare più dignità a parole che di indegno non hanno assolutamente nulla.
Una mignotta è sempre una mignotta, ma se un politico lo beccano con una escort fa più chic, no?!

Paste [kikke]

Il fine settimana c'è chi porta le paste a casa dei suoi, a coronamento di un pranzo luculliano e delle chiacchiere costruttive, e chi si prende le paste e sta fuori di testa. La kikka! La kikketta! Esistono duemila nomi per chiamare le pastikke!
Il vino c'ha un nome solo...al massimo lo puoi chiamare "nettare degli dei" se vuoi proprio fare lo sborone.

Radio [redio]

Mi manca l'immagine domenicale della famigliola a spasso, con la moglie acchittatissima che tiene per mano la figlioletta, ed il marito lobotomizzato, con la radiolina incollata all'orecchio a fianco, che non si accorge della moglie che flirta con l'idraulico di paese. Pizzul, Tonino Carino e tutti gli altri, sono, secondo me, fra le cause del decadimento dell'istituzione famiglia.

Shopping [sciopping]

Sinonimo di noia o depressione.
Quest'attività è svolta principalmente dal genere umano femminino (anche se il fenomeno è in espansione tra gli uomini), ed un'attenta osservazione del fenomeno stesso, rende possibile una quantificazione abbastanza attendibile del grado di insofferenza del bipede che lo pratica. La quantità di borse (spesso di dimensioni smisurate rispetto all'oggetto contenuto al loro interno), associato ad un'analisi di chi le trasporta, può fornire una diagnosi vicina alla realtà.
Con la nascita delle compagnie aeree LOW COST, questa pratica ha rotto le frontiere.

SMS [short message system]

Fa una certa impressione camminare per le strade e vedere la mancanza di comunicazione, la diffidenza, l'alienazione.
Questo almeno è quanto mi succede nella mia città, quando vado nel suo cuore, quando mi ritrovo alla stazione Termini. Qui sembriamo tutti delle formichine impazzite, che alla mattina hanno ancora le caccole agli occhi x il sonno, e alla sera le caccole ce l'hanno al cervello x altri motivi. Qualunque sia, però, il nostro stato fisico e mentale, il nostro viscerale bisogno di comunicare è sempre lì, pronto a far muovere le nostre dita sulla tastiera del nostro cell e dar vita alla più alta forma d'espressione che il bipede medio canosca oggi. L'sms.

Stiloso [stylisc]

Adesso fa tutto moda! Basta dire a uno:
"Come sei stiloso oggi!";
che si gonfia come un pavone! Ma non capisce una cosa quella persona! Che essere stilosi significa che hai quello stile, lo stile che ha anche il calciatore tamarro, sborone, che guadagna 5 milioni di euro l'anno, e che automaticamente diventa stile. Solo che tu non guadagni 5 milioni di euro l'anno, e, per comprarti quel cazzo di paio di occhiali, hai dovuto impegnarti il rene destro, e quello sinistro stai pensando di impegnartelo per la cinta ultimo grido che ti fa cadere le veline ai piedi.
Ma non si sono considerate due cose:
primo, che una che ti si rimorchia per quel tuo "look" è probabilmente (notare la finezza) una cerebrolesa che ti si succhia come una cozza e poi passa al prossimo vongolone di turno.
E secondo che, come diceva il grandissimo Seneca, il più ricco è colui a cui non può essere sottratto nulla. Il nulla oggettivo, quello materiale. Ora non voglio stare a fare il francescano, che va in giro con il saio ed i sandali, ma quando è troppo è troppo!
Oggi ho incontrato due pischelletti amici miei, che scendevano a Roma tutti esaltati, perchè uno di loro si andava a comprare una tuta da 130 euro per andarci a ballare! Una tuta di quelle che io, se non riportavo a casa bucata sulle ginocchia, e pure con qualche makkietta di sangue, non mi sentivo soddisfatto!
Ma allora lo sapete che ve dico?
Ma si! Facciamo gli stilosi! Essimo fashion! Tanto, prima o poi, passa pure quello di moda.

Straordinario [stra'ordinario]

Questa parola dovrebbe identificare qualcosa di incredibile, di meraviglioso, ma oggi è semplicemente sinonimo di ore di lavoro in più...

Sushi [susci]

Credo che il cibo sia sempre stato uno status simbol; fin dal tempo degli antichi romani, sdraiati sulle loro lettighe (?) che mangiavano grappoli d'uva mentre tutt'intorno si banchettava tra donne meravigliose e gente più o meno importante che discorreva di ogni cosa.
Oggi c'è il secchiello pieno di ghiaccio, con una bottiglia di Sciampagn francese da tre piotte poggiato sul tavolino del priveè (le strappone ce stanno pure oggi), ma i bipedi che prendono parte a quest'espressione di socializzazione non posso comunicare, perchè tutt'intorno c'è un tale bordello che l'unica cosa che puoi fare è farti una striscia in bagno (se ti puoi permettere 3 piotte di Sciampagn, credi che ti fai di RedBull?), e, tornando, infilare la lingua in bocca a un'altra bruciata che è nel tuo stesso delirio.
Ma mentre ti ritrovi in questo turbinio d'ormoni, il pesciazzo crudo che hai mangiato nel ristorante Sushi radical chic, comincia a fare a pugni con la foglia d'alga bioenergetica che tu non volevi assolutamente prendere, ma che il cameriere ti ha rifilato con il suo grande charme orientale. Di corsa realizzi, e scappi verso il bagno, dove stranamente non trovi nessuno a trombare, e ti puoi fiondare sul water a scagazzare l'arte culinaria giapponese.
A questo punto mi chiedo:


Follow the link, and once you're in click on the sentence to make it change.
A simple, clever and funny internet site...once again an italian copyright!!!

Dopo "Graziearcazzo.com"...

Here is the new amazing idea made in Italy!!!
A collection of hilarious sentences on the walls around my country.
I'm sorry for the foreigners...try to get them translated for you somehow...you'll laugh your pants off!!

Silk fever

It's been a couple of years that I've been going to India for my "summer" vacations, and by chance, during my roaming around Varanasi, I ran into this wonderful family (the Singhs). I had no clean pants left, and as I was looking for a shop to get a pair, I stepped into their shop (actually someone else from the street took me there) to buy some ...and I did so!!! But those guys (Indians) are such good dealers that they started taking out of their wonder bag sooo many silk masterpieces, my mind just blanked out. At the beginning I decided that could have been a good idea for Xmas presents, but as my brain started working again, I realized that could have been a hell of a business. To make it short, I left the shop with some many goods to sell back in Italy that I was kind of afraid to pass through the customs on my way back. But it did work out!!! I sold everything out in less then two hrs, and the year later I doubled the investment to realize it was going to be a nice hobby to have.
So here I am...selling high quality silk goods for low prices and make my dream come true...travel to India for free.
Stay tuned if you like my stuff!!!

Granada, Nicaragua 2005

There's no way any other place can take over Granada in my "Best places ever visited" list. It was love at first sight, starting from the amazing, stunning, unreachable, unforgettable and breathtaking "Bearded Monkey".
By those days it was totally the place to stay in Granada; from the mood you could feel at any time of the day, to dinner time when people from all over the town use to start filling the internal patio to taste the wonderful local dishes, pleased by a delicious soundtrack on the background.
It was just a matter of time, and I discovered the beauties the architecture could offer just few steps outside the building. Ancient churches in their decadent look would catch your attention at a glance; visiting the streets where the market takes place is the experience of your life...try to be there right after sunrise, and the light will do the rest!!!
The main square is where you get the real essence of the spanish colonization in town. The cathedral, perfectly restored, is surrounded by a sea of other amazing examples of what the past did offer to the town. Bright colors, smooth curves, fancy ornaments...just a party for your soul and eyes!
Don't be afraid to take walk in the little alleys though!!! Compared to other places in Central America, Granada is relatively safe place...especially during the day! As you get closer to the lake (don't forget to visit "Las isletas"), the town gets more real, loosing that touristic look the very downtown has. I'd rather be a bit more careful at night, but as long as you don't look too much as a gringo (people down there hate Americans pretty much due to the history of the country) you won't have any problem enjoying the Latin atmosphere.
The food in town is quite good everywhere, but as in any place on earth, the more you stick around the main square the more the quality drops down. For a cozy night, surrounded by young people and with a good music in the background (beers are cheep pretty much everywhere), join the "Hospedaje Central" where you can also get a bed to sleep for very little money in a clean environment (even if The Bearded Monkey is waaaay better).
And once you're tired of the city, just few minutes away by bus (actually the bus drops you on the main road, then you have to hitch hike...but it's safe) there's another place I'll never forget:
"La Laguna de Apoyo".
In the middle of nowhere, in this volcanic pot, you have the chance to experience the refreshing joy of the laguna's turquoise waters; and if your clever (or lucky) enough to go there during the week end you'll be able to experience how the locals spend their time with their family and friends delighted by some mariachi live music while eating some good food served by the shores in one of those typical restaurants.
And remember...don't be shy!!! There's sooo much out there to discover! Just ask the locals...they're just lovely!

David Lynch Interview Project

The Interview Project
It's been quite a while this project has been on line, but now that it's getting to its end, you get the chance to watch way more episodes all at once! Enjoy this amazing idea developed by David Lynch and his son (actually it's his idea).

Wasabi Radio

Not so many times you're so lucky to roam in the infinite world of internet, and run into such a cool radio. It happened to me today...and I really want to share this opportunity god has given me!
Ohhhh lord! Ohhh brothers and sisters! Today a voice from the sky is on air...Wasabi Radio

Varanasi 2010

Nothing can stop me from leaving for a vacation I've been waiting for a year! Not even a canceled flight, an endless line (close to my departure time) and the thickest fog an airport has ever seen!
We were supposed to fly through Istambul and then to New Delhi from my hometown (Rome), but the airport in the Turkish capital was closed because of an unusual fog. Only Alitalia (and that's the funny part!) could save everyone from being killed by myself!! But still, between us and the tickets there was the longest line I've ever seen at a check in desk. Careless of everything, I just jumped in fron of everyone and 15 minutes later I came out of the crowed with my trophy and started cheering with Elena. Our holiday was safe...we thought!
Once we arrived in Istambul it was just like hell! The airport had been closed the whole morning, and all the flights were late or canceled...and outside the fog was going up and up. No monitor would tell us where and if our flight was gonna take off from, and everyone was just dazed and confused (How do you like this Led Zeppelin quote!?!?!). All we could do was hanging out, eating at this unpersonalized restaurants every airport has, and every once in a while check for any news.
After hrs waiting, and hrs being on line to get on the plain (just check the pictures, how many people were just goin' off), we finally got on! Cool dude...we're leaving!!! Not even man!!! 4 more hrs on board with no air conditioning and no clue whether we where gonna take off or not, since the fog was so thick outside! The situation was pushing us to the limit, and my girlfriend and I were close to a nervous breakdown.
I was prepared to die, I wanted to give a chance to our vacation to happen...we had to take off!!! Even with the captain blind (for the fog outside) and his hands tied on his back. But finally...the engines did roll!!!

But it wasn't over jet!!!
We had to go from the international terminal to the domestic one to go catch another flight...provided by the low cost (but high quality service!!!) airline company Spice Jet.
And there he was!!! My dear friend Muk, waitng for us outside the Varanasi airport. Smiling as usual, he took care of us right away, telling our driver to stop at a kiosk along the road to get a beer and refresh ourselves a bit before going to the guest house. It was afternoon by the time he dropped us where the car couldn't just keep goin' and shipped the two of us in the hands of a rickshaw driver. Danny boy, Elena and our luggage...the skinny dude was gonna sweat his ass off for a K at least, for a bunch of coins...just worthless for us but incredibly important for him.
The "Gampati GUest House" is just lovely! Within an ancient building, you get to stay for low amount of money (we spent 10 euros for a room...I'm sure you can find cheaper accomodations in India, but this was super worth it) in a super cozy, colorful, wooden room, facing the Ganga river and enjoying the sunrise from it's balcony. And once you're hungry, just go up some steps and you'll get to an amazing terrace, heated by the warm indian sun, where you can enjoy your meal while boats are crossing the river, or some monkeys are jumping from one roof to the other.
Once outside the guest house...it's just India! An incredible amount of people, at anytime of the day, getting busy, chilin' out, trying to sell you almost everything, honking the horn, stuck in the traffic. It's like hell on earth! The streets are just terribly dirty and crowded, there's a awful smell everywhere, and you gotta be careful not to step on a cow shit or something nasty.
At first, this could all just seam crazy and senseless, but once you get into the mood, you make all these inputs your and look at everything from a different angle...that's when you start being amazed.
The banks of the river are full of life, with colors catching your attention at any corner. The streets surrounding that area just look terrible and dangerous, but don't miss the opportunity to take a walk in those alleys, cauze you'll miss the experience of your life. That is where you get the closest you can to the indian culture, lifestyle, and attitude towards their social condition.
The "Sanscrit University" and "BHU", are the two many schools in town. The first one is inside a wonderful and peaceful site, where ancient building coming from the english colonnization have been turned into classrooms and cultural melting pots. There's an amazing laboratory you might be able to visit, where an old man with his assistants work 24/7 to produce Ayurveda oils and tablets using the ingredients nature gives them from the botanic garden right across the street. Everything is boiled and steered for hrs in a huge pan...the tradition, incredible rural tools, and knowledge do the rest.
Varanasi is all this and way more (try to visit all the temples they have if you can!!! The monkey temple is something you can't miss though!), but no words or images can truly represent what your eyes might be able to see or run into. I wish I will be able to go back there again and again, to finally catch the deep essence of such a different culture.

The trash act.

Few words to describe this project:
6 persons;
2 hrs;
100 meters of beach;
18 bags...and much more.

It was a wonderful summer, back in 2006, when my immense friend Franchella and I decided to go camping (illegally) for 4 days on the beach of Capalbio, Tuscany.
It all started as a game, but little by little more and more people joined us and helped us at the end to dump everything in front of the city hall as a protest. A photographer from a newspaper took a picture of us while in action in the last night and the day after we had an article on the "Tirreno".

Hotest and latest...

Crescendo from Mothership on Vimeo.

That's when creativity becomes useful... An italian artist, a genius of animation...

VIDEOGIOCO by Donato Sansone from Enrico Ascoli - Sound Design on Vimeo.

Ometepe, Nicaragua 2005

It all started with the cops getting on the bus I was traveling on, and passing by everyone else sitting on the damned bus, and pointing right at me. The sun was going down, and the frontier was just there! Few minutes ahead.
I had to get off the vehicle, go trough all the bullshit they were giving me, and by the time it was all dark, I was in the middle of nowhere, with two cops, trying to get me on a cab (they called) to take me to some cabins where to spend the night.
The room was soo empty of everything! The cockroaches in the shower didn't really help, but outside it was just quite; crickets singing like crazy (how can you complain for them to make their wonderful noise!!!???), fireflies filling the darkness...for 10 dollars I wouldn't matter!!!
Wake up!!! Wake up!!!
The border is just there. Only the day after I realized how those cops were actually saving my ass! Misunderstanding their attitude, the just wanted me to spend the night in a safe place, instead of facing that mass of people. What I faced that morning...I can't even remember very well, but after going trough the bureaucracy, I found my self on a yellow school bus taking me to San Jorge. The bus was not so crowded (it was gonna get soon), but there were people getting on and off the bus to sell you any sort of thing. From fresh made juices to batteries.
Once in San Jorge, I had another problem. I had no money to take the ferry to Ometepe!!!With one big backpack in the back, and a "smaller" one in the front (sooo classic!) I jumped on a bicycle rickshaw that took me to a man a man sitting on the street handling fat quantities of money...at least they looked a lot!
Done with that I headed again to the harbor, where a luxury boat was waiting for me to take me to the cones of the volcanoes Maderas and Conception.
I stayed over the Hacienda Merida, a delicious place at the bottom of the Maderas, in a peaceful spot where you could also see the other volcano in case you'd take a canoe to take a tour on your own!
And off course watch one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen...magical!
I spent an unforgettable week over this place, doing any sort of activity, from climbing a volcano, to taking trips with my canoe around the lake, or just have a walk around getting in touch with locals. But the best part was always the end of the day, at sunset, when you use to meet again with your mates and, after taking a refreshing bath in the lake at sunset, share everybody's experience sitting around a nice table filled with fresh homemade food.

The vicking who?!?!

Let's stop it with these stories!!! This way of thinking, considering people as a whole...that's why you might end up traveling during January to Norway and imagine you 're gonna run into a sad country, with this cold gray weather...where the winter takes you waaaayyy below zero. You might be thinking: "This people must be pretty pissed off with this surroundings so much in a gray scale for a long period of the year?!?!"
But then you land...and just outside the freaking Torp airport (you can reach the city from here thanks to the Torpekspressen for "only" 25 euros), you get that typical sound of silence, that white, soft, blinding silence just the snow knows how to produce.Then you take a look around you, and you understand that everything is moving at the proper speed for such a mood. To warm up a bit, you walk into those sweet cafes, where the light is always the element making it happen.Groups of girls around the tables, enjoying their evening and having a blast, maybe some fire down there in the corner. And still...you look outside and it's all so soft! Outside as inside. But the best part still has to come! Hope to run into some locals and get to spend some times with them and it'll be the time of your life! Inside some cozy walls they know how to relax, and how to make you feel home. With their melody called Norwegian, they fill the rooms with music. What these guys are basically able to do, is to turn a tough situation in terms of environment...into a soft pleasure...as pleasant as the view you get every time you look out of the window.
As I usually do for my low budget trips, I contacted few people from the CouchSurfing community, and eventually I ended up sleeping over two of them...Daniel and Mari. Daniel lives in a sweet area called Tøyen, next to the multicultural area of Grønland (if you want spend some time into a cozy cafe, listen to some good music and taste great food...I really recommend you to visit Dattera til Hagen). Here is easy to run into old factory buildings turned into condos, and view from your window tall chimneys once part of an industrial structure. Just 10 minutes away (walking distance) is Oslo S, the heart of the city, where Karl Johans gate starts to end up right below tha king palace. From here, then, is easy to reach the famous Aker Brygge...suggestive during the winter, going off in the summer thanks to its many bars an restaurants with open air seats.
Mari, on her side, lives in the University campus, just a stop away from Majorstuen. Here is where lots of students hang out in the many cafes and club, maybe after a nice barbeque in the world famouse Vigeland park surrounded by the amazing sculptures the artist, giving the name to the park, produced during his productive life.
If you want to have a look at the city from a different angle, in a privileged area filled with charming houses deeped in the unspoiled Norwegian nature, then your just few minutes away by train from Holmenkollen, where you have the chance to admire one of the structures Norwegians are proud the most...the sky jump tower.
Last but not least, if your in Oslo, you have to take a walk around Grünerløkka. For dining or just enjoy the happiness of the area this is the place to go. One place i really recommend to have a delicious meal in a friendly atmosphere is Delicatessen, a tapas bar where is possible to taste Spanish dishes followed by some great wine, right next to the river crossing the city. And when your done with your food, don't forget to have fun over the Nomaden, probably the coolest club in town for quality music lovers.