Ometepe, Nicaragua 2005

It all started with the cops getting on the bus I was traveling on, and passing by everyone else sitting on the damned bus, and pointing right at me. The sun was going down, and the frontier was just there! Few minutes ahead.
I had to get off the vehicle, go trough all the bullshit they were giving me, and by the time it was all dark, I was in the middle of nowhere, with two cops, trying to get me on a cab (they called) to take me to some cabins where to spend the night.
The room was soo empty of everything! The cockroaches in the shower didn't really help, but outside it was just quite; crickets singing like crazy (how can you complain for them to make their wonderful noise!!!???), fireflies filling the darkness...for 10 dollars I wouldn't matter!!!
Wake up!!! Wake up!!!
The border is just there. Only the day after I realized how those cops were actually saving my ass! Misunderstanding their attitude, the just wanted me to spend the night in a safe place, instead of facing that mass of people. What I faced that morning...I can't even remember very well, but after going trough the bureaucracy, I found my self on a yellow school bus taking me to San Jorge. The bus was not so crowded (it was gonna get soon), but there were people getting on and off the bus to sell you any sort of thing. From fresh made juices to batteries.
Once in San Jorge, I had another problem. I had no money to take the ferry to Ometepe!!!With one big backpack in the back, and a "smaller" one in the front (sooo classic!) I jumped on a bicycle rickshaw that took me to a man a man sitting on the street handling fat quantities of least they looked a lot!
Done with that I headed again to the harbor, where a luxury boat was waiting for me to take me to the cones of the volcanoes Maderas and Conception.
I stayed over the Hacienda Merida, a delicious place at the bottom of the Maderas, in a peaceful spot where you could also see the other volcano in case you'd take a canoe to take a tour on your own!
And off course watch one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen...magical!
I spent an unforgettable week over this place, doing any sort of activity, from climbing a volcano, to taking trips with my canoe around the lake, or just have a walk around getting in touch with locals. But the best part was always the end of the day, at sunset, when you use to meet again with your mates and, after taking a refreshing bath in the lake at sunset, share everybody's experience sitting around a nice table filled with fresh homemade food.

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