Nicaragua by the Caribbean, Corn Island

The most exciting thing that happened to me during this part of the trip, was the flight! Managua to Corn Island, with a short stop in Bluefields pickin' up some other dudes! The airplane was just creepy, one those you would never step on, and I almost passed out when I realized that the window next to pilot was just a normal window...just like the one you use to find on some old cars. But the best was still to come!!! Once we took off, the engines did roll at full power for about 30 minutes, trying to reach the right altitude...and all of a sudden...the rpm dropped down sooo quickly that I thought we had serious engines problems. My face turned purple, staring at everyone's face trying to find some comprehensive looks. Don't worry...we made it to the altitude, my neighbor said. Ohhh well!!! Five minutes later we started to go down again, with the structure shacking badly as we were approaching to the next airport.
And again...from Bluefield to Corn island! I was high in the sky...but I had never been so close to hell!!!
I spent a full week on the island, staying over this gorgeous "resort" called Caffè del Mar run by a German guy and his wife (a local). The location was right on the beach, one those you usually see on magazines, and my hammock was under a metal roof with all the others.
My typical day?
Wake up early in the morning (it was quite hot under that hut!!!) and enjoy the quietness of the beaches. No tourism, no crowds, no nothing. Just me and the unspoiled nature. Swimming was the biggest part of the deal, and every time I reached an isolated spot, I would get naked in the water and enjoyed the sense of freedom that condition gives, in a total state of silence and with those bright colors all over you.
This is not a place to go if you're looking for clubs or night life in general. This is a place where you can be with yourself if you want, where you can play with little local kids till you're so tired you can barely walk to your hammock, where you can look at the fishermen coming back from a tough day and buy your fish right on the beach, where coconuts are hanging on the trees calling you to be picked up and drunk. This is where the time has stopped!

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  1. Hi, your posts are great! Didn't know were to write so I do it here. I found your blog by accident and spent some hours in it! Not clear what is your native country, but you seam to be very international. Thank you for sharing all your travel experiences but, excuse my indiscretion, what do you do for a living? How can you travel so much?