Silk fever

It's been a couple of years that I've been going to India for my "summer" vacations, and by chance, during my roaming around Varanasi, I ran into this wonderful family (the Singhs). I had no clean pants left, and as I was looking for a shop to get a pair, I stepped into their shop (actually someone else from the street took me there) to buy some ...and I did so!!! But those guys (Indians) are such good dealers that they started taking out of their wonder bag sooo many silk masterpieces, my mind just blanked out. At the beginning I decided that could have been a good idea for Xmas presents, but as my brain started working again, I realized that could have been a hell of a business. To make it short, I left the shop with some many goods to sell back in Italy that I was kind of afraid to pass through the customs on my way back. But it did work out!!! I sold everything out in less then two hrs, and the year later I doubled the investment to realize it was going to be a nice hobby to have.
So here I am...selling high quality silk goods for low prices and make my dream come to India for free.
Stay tuned if you like my stuff!!!

4 commenti:

  1. Ehi, this bed cover looks wonderful! The colors are so warm and cosy. What kind of silk you sell?

  2. Well, my friend! I have any kind of goods. It depends on how much you want to spend. The range is from pure raw cocoon silk, to a mixture of silk and satin, or no silk at all but still wonderful and high quality Indian texture. I also have plenty of scarfs of any color, texture and weight. And if you're a fan of pashmina...I can provide you with that too. Top of the top is a mixture of silk and cachemire...but the price goes up a bit.

  3. I love silk 309 times!

  4. Hopefully in a few I'll post new pictures of everything I have...just stay tuned!
    By the way...309 is a lovely numeber!!!