To & From the

Clever internet site (but a bit messy in the interface) to find out how to get out of any airport of the world.
Cheap ways, fancy ways, standard ways...whatever is your budget, you get it!
Enjoy the link and click here.

Portraits from the world

This is probably the kind of picture I like shooting the most.
From my many trips around the world, I've been so lucky to run into some of these amazing characters and to capture their expressions with my camera. Most of them were shot with compact cameras few years ago, and only the one from my last trips were done with my Nikon D90

Studio Portraits

I've been in the photography field for the past two years, and I've been so lucky to run into this wonderful tango dancer to realize this photo session that I'm really proud of.
The pictures you'll be watching are just the way they've been shot...any postproduction treatment can be done at any level thanks to an amazing software from Adobe called Lightroom.
If you've always dreamt about having professional pictures of your sons or some quality shooting just for yourself, just contact me through my blog and we'll arrange everything.