Km 720 Pantelleria

Ape riding in Pantelleria from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

Off corse I had to take the ferry (from Trapani) to get to this enchanted island, but once there I cycled my ass off on the up and downs of the many mountains it has!
Are you looking for nightlife and disco times?! Choose another place for your summer vacation...this is for sea and wild nature lovers!

Pantelleria use to be a huge volcano since a couple of centuries ago and that's witnessed by the many geological fenomenons you can find spread out around the island, starting from the hot spings right in the sea (there's a marvelos example in the Nikà area) to the natural Turkish bath you can find at the "grotta di Benikulà".
Its origins are also the reason why there's no beaches around the huge perimeter (about 50 Kms) but only rocks you can some times lay easily on. The side of the island I liked the most is the one going from "Punta di Nikà" to "Martingana", but the spot I'll never forget is "Cala cinque denti" in the peninsula of "Punta Spadillo" where the main lighthouse of the island is. This area is a paradise for trekkers, because it's full of paths deepen into a lush nature leading to breathtaking bays (cala Cottone is one of them)
But it's up to you to find your perfect place since Pantelleria's got it for all tastes.

I really recommend to rent a boat at least one day to get a better idea of the beauties on the coast, and if you're looking for a place to stay be sure to choose "Dammusi Amigdala"...Lia and Rocco will turn your experience in an unforgettable time with all their stories and their amazing hospitality, hosting you in their typical well furnished houses settled on a wonderful and quiet hill facing the sea.
Pantelleria town is close to ugly, but spread around the territory there's some sweet little villages such as Sibà or Mueggen. The land where I pinched my tent was very close to Sibà and this allowed me to easily reach most places due to the strategical position of the village. From here, as a matter of fact, you can be in the Monastero valley in a glance and admire the zibibbo plantations in a wonderful setting and visit a couple of "cantine". Be sure to do a tour of the many wine an passito producer since this is part of the history and culture of the island and if you miss this chance you'll go back with a gap in your holiday! Gibelè is another astonishing valley you can't miss for its vineyards and beauty.

One thing I'll never forget is the day I had two flats in a row and I was saved by Giovanni, a legend on the island being the the only roaming fruits and vegetable reseller. He picked me and my bike up on the back of his Ape Piaggio full of fruits and took me all the way back home from one side of the island to the other quitting working just to help me!
I really think I'll go back to Pantelleria one day; I stayed for almost three weeks there and left with a sense of emptiness that has to be filled...see ya soon sweet island!

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