Four Season

Four Season is one of those site I'd recommend to anyone in love with trekking, biking or anything related to an healthy lifestyle. The range of offers is unbelievable, prices are fair and really easy to use to customize your own perfect vacation.
It's both in english and italian, and the section I like the most is the "Yes week end" part, where you can find lots of ideas for a different way of spending your spare time. I think this week end I'll go for IL CAMMINO DI SAN FRANCESCO
I don't get paid by these guys, trust me, but it's just one of those discovery driving me crazy around the web.

Cargo Ship Voyages

Ok guys...have a seat and take a deep breath because this could be the time of your life!!!
I've just found out about the Cargo Ship Voyages and I'm totally crazy for it! I've just sent an email to gather informations on my next journey which will be from Europe to South America (to be more precise I'd love to reach Buenos Aires where I have planty of friends living there!).
Reading on forums about this kind of experience, I found many people just crazy for the kind of trip and that would recommend it to anyone (of course anyone with an adventurous soul).
I'm really looking forward to receive a reply from these guys and I will keep you updated as soon as I know more.
Stay tuned buddies!!!!

The Wild Path

Maybe this is not one of the best site ever (in terms of interface), but here you can find planty of paths for trekking, cross-country skiing or anything related to mountains! What I like the most is the number of huts mentioned in each section (the Italian mountains are divided by category) and the infos you need to eventually book them for a reasonable price!
My country has always something new and unbelievable to just need to be brave and curious.

Indie Travel Podcast

There we go with another amazing discovery on the net!!!
Indie Travel Podcast might be more uncomfortable then a classic guide, but during a long bus ride or a train trip might be a good company.
Any mp3 player should do for it, but obviously the world wide famous iPod is certainly the best way to listen to them.
My next departure is still pretty ahead, but I'm probably gonna download the one concerning my next moves and try to figure out what's best to do in this or that region of the world.

The Venice carnival


It happened few years ago now, but still this images are very clear in my mind.
The Venice carnival is an experience you should try at least once in your life, because this city during those days turns into a carousel and each corner is the ideal place for a small party or a dj set. It happened to me to find a dance hall with the dj playing from a floating platform in the middle of a canal!!!
But beside all this, the masks (as you can see form the pictures) are something astonishing. They're master pieces, people rent them from hundred years experienced manufacturers and sometimes spend plenty of money just for the pleasure to have the most admired mask and be captured on a film. Even dogs get their own masks, and sometimes they're the funniest ones.
I was very lucky to be there on sunny and warm days and that's when the shiny colors of the masks give their best.
It's not Rio de Janeiro for sure, it's not samba and naked women but you won't believe your eyes anyway, especially because the city itself, the stage of such an event, is the second most beautiful city in the world (Rome is definitely beyond)!
Go, go, goooooooooo to Venice for the carnival!


You can donate for these pictures as shown in the "DONATE FOR THESE PICTURES" link, but this time please attach to the mail a snapshot of the one you wish to receive due to the big amount of them or it might be hard for me to understand which one it is.
Thanx in advance!

Fishermen's cove

So far I've been traveling quite a lot in my life and to tell you the truth the Fishermen's cove is one of those places I would reccomend to anyone. Giuseppe is the owner and you can totally rely on him and his staff for a high quality holiday in one of those country not so many people ever consider for their vacation (at least italians...but we're the best to be second in everything). Philippinos are just lovely, the crystal waters are something unforgettable and if you're a scuba diver...well, this is the place to go! The infrastructure has been improving since the first time I was there, and the swiming pool is the perfect place to relax after a long day on board of the amazing typical boat you'll be cruising everyday to go visit secluded bays or after one of the many entertaining activities they can arrange for you.
The first time I was there was back in 2000 and 7 years later (you can check some pics and read more about it clicking here) I decided to go back there to prove myself my mind wasn't playing tricks on me...thank god it was alll true, and even better.
Not to mention the cusine!!! Delightful, blessing, unbelievable. The catch of the day is gonna be the highlight of the dinner for sure, but if you're not in the fish mood Giuseppe will be more then happy to satify any of your needs.
To make it short...100% happy to go back there again and again and again.
Hope to see you soon Peppe!
Take care.

LPCover Lover

Here's what I found looking through my old bookmarks!
LPCover Lover is a stylish archive for nostalgics and people in love with vintage desing, but also for those in search of records they forgot or never knew about.
It's a pleasure to go through this site...give it a try.



God knows how many trips I've planned on my own since I discovered Skyscanner.
Easy to use, comprehensive and user friendly I've never found a better way to look for a flight.
Hope it's gonna be the same for you.
Cheers my traveler friends!!!

Central America set

Sleeping Beauty


Playa Negra


Real Estate Costa Rica


One Arm Shoe Shine in Nicaragua


Egg Adv.


Happy 5th Bday Espresso Yourself!!!

This post is not meant to give usefull informations about the cities I'm about to mention, but with it I want to celebrate the fifth birthday of a video project I invented on a hot summer night.
It was back in 2006 when I decided to leave for a european tour of my Espresso Yourself project. The budget was 1000 euros and a month free to touch Prague, Berlin and Oslo. Everything started from a crazy idea I had a couple of days before, and right away I found out that a friend of mine (Matteo) was driving up to Verona. I couldn't miss the chance to get a lift and reach the city where I would have taken the train to go to Prague from. After a quick stop over a wonderul restaurant somewhere in Veneto (can't recall the name and location), I finally jumped on the train and met right away two sweet irish friends that wanted to take part to the project and joined me in my adventure. From Verona to Prague is a one night trip...and that night we really had a party! The day after we finally reached Prague central station and as soon as we jumped off the train a nice man approached the three of us and took us to a sweet hotel right behind the clock square. One room with private bathroom for three crazy guys at a ridiculous price.
I didn't get to see the city that much, since from the first moment we were all so busy to set everything up, from drawing the logo, to testing the coffee machines, but once ready we headed to the main square and sit there to start dreaming.The People seamed enthusiastic right away, and I couldn't believe my eyes how many stoped by to have a coffee with us or just for being curious about the event. In a couple of days we had guests from all over the world and I left Prague with a great feeling: Berlin was gonna be even better! The fab three split at this point since the girls were heading to A'dam.

Same as for Prague, it was my first time in Berlin but my staying here didn't start as well since during the trip on the train to Germany my video camera broke and the first two days were spent looking for a Canon center to get it fixed. But with no results! It would have taken too long and too much money...and that's when I decide to spend the rest of my budget on dj sets, tasty dinners and everything this city had to offer just to turn the bad luck into a crazy week. And that's what happend!
The whole thing ended up with me taking the wrong train on the way back to Rome, so I had to stop in Florence for the night where a friend of mine (the mighty Daniele from Montezuma) was supposed to live. Supposed, right...he was on vacation somewhere else, so my only choice was to spend another party night there waiting for the next morning and sleep on a bench in a park on a augost rainy night.
What a great experience!I really miss those days.


The concept

When I first started this blog my only goal was to have a diary always available wherever I was and to look at it as you might look at a real photo album...with that kind of feeling that you get from the old good memories.
Little by little I started realizing that Flamingshoe was becoming more then it was meant to be, and as my ideas towards life were evolving the blog started to turn into something else as well. Traveling has played a big role in my life, and from my journeys I learned more then I could learn in any school or university; that's when I started to think at my blog like a place where I could share my experiences, my approach to a way of traveling that led me to meet thousands of people, a simple way of moving around that took me to places I wouldn't have known.
My next step now is to take my blog beyond (to the infinity and beyond), a level where my love for traveling is not only the expression of the pleasure for staying on a secluded island and get to know any of its hidden corner, or to simply spot an interesting web site useful to the travelers community. I want this blog to help me to feel useful to the world, to the environment, to the poor children I met along the way. Because the pictures I'm selling on my blog are not a way to make money, but to save enough money to try to accomplish a lifestyle that will get my hands dirty and be active on this planet. Some people feel released sending an sms and donating money for some natural disaster or to adopt a small kid on the other side of the earth, some others do volunteering during the week end. I get the greatest emotions from being there, maybe cleaning up a beach from our wastes or giving my old cloth to a poor man sleeping on a street of Varanasi, but either ways I can't stay still (that's where the name Flamingshoe comes from) and keep wasting my time, because from all this I get back something my normal life will never give me: the impression that I'm really giving (not only in a material way) something.

How to buy my pictures

I'm so glad you like my pictures!
In the section "The photographer" you can find many more...don't miss the chance to check them all out!
The minimum donation for each photo is 5 Euro. However, if you like my work and enjoy the information you can find here on my website, please feel free to donate more. Any extra money I make from selling these pictures will be used to improve the lives of the local people I meet while traveling.
Once you have completed the donation process, please send me an email at with the name of the picture you purchased and a snapshot and I'll get right back to you with an email and the high res file attached.

These pictures are not intended for commercial use.
Thanx in advance.

Traveler at work

My dear travelers friends, here's a terrific web site where you can find lots of job opportunities (and cool infos concernig the work issue) if you're in Australia at the moment or you're planning a long stay there in the coming up months!!!
Any kind of job is available here...all you need to do now is to get a work and holiday visa (and of course a plain ticket) and start searching the site. Let me know if helped.
Have a blast in OZ!

Please guys have some time to visit this site, read carefully about the many activities and petitions these people put together and then try to be active on this planet. The reason why I heard about this organization is because of the signatures they're collecting for a crazy law in Brazil that is gonna put in serious danger the Amazon forest. I've always been sensitive about this issue and right away I decided to sign and take part to this movement. Once in the site I took some time to visit it all and find out these guys are very active and serious people. From social matters to environmental ones they try to do their best to be heard from the people that count!
Please have a look at it.