Espresso Yourself...the movie.

Espresso Yourself in Prague from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

I developed the project with the only goal to demonstrate how people are open minded and want to exchange ideas and communicate in front of a friendly person and an original idea. Since the first moment I tried to involve people, giving them the camera to shoot, realizing “the graphic” for my sign, and letting them talk about whatever they wanted in the interviews. I used coffee as the linking element among the different cultures I was gonna visit, taking advantage of the big socializing effect this product has in the everyday life, and, to tell you the truth, I was surprised by the success of it. People stopped by not only to have a coffee with me, but just to take a picture of this crazy dude serving hot coffee in the middle of the main square in Praha. Unfortunately my camera broke before I could get to the second of the three cities I wanted to visit (Berlin and Oslo were the other two), but I'm still satisfied for the result, and I can only imagine how beautiful would have been to see it all done...but I self produced the project and I was running out of money! What can I say about my video?! It was hard, but I made it! I had a lot of bad luck while shooting my film, but I was paid back with a lot of enthusiasm from each one participating to the project, and super good mood! Thanx to everyone that has been the main character for a day of an unforgettable experience that will fill my heart for ever! What else?! I love life! I love people! I just love!!!!

I've just signed a contract with National Geographic to produce 10 episodes...stay tuned.

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