Semuc Champey, Guatemala

On the bus from Lake Atitlan to Antigua a great trio was formed, so Josè, Melody and I started traveling together for a while and together decided to head to this place we heard about since we entered Guatemala.

From Antigua it's quite an impressive trip and it takes several hrs to reach Semuc Champey (the last 15 Kms are just like hell), but once you'll be there you'll be stoked! We chose Utopia as our head quarter; the structure is amazing, the location as well, but the owners and the way they manage the whole thing is just embarrassing. A bunch of gringos that don't even speak a word of Spanish (that's such a lack of respect to the locals and the tourists at the same can you pretend to live and have a business in a Spanish speaking country and don't speak the local language!!!!), and would tell you a bunch of lies to make some more money. Really depressing!
But let's talk about the topic of this post: the pools of Semuc.
From Utopia you take a one and beautiful hr walk following the river, crossing wooden bridges and passing through cacao and mais plantations to finally arrive at the entrance of the park.

Here you have two choices: either go first to the pools and then to the mirador or the other way around. We chose the first one. It was freacking hot that day and the walk could be demanding if you're not in shape, so all we wanted was to jump in those turquoise waters and refresh ourselves in the middle of this breathtaking valley.

The name Semuc Champey means "the water that passes underneath" and that's because the pools are a limestone bridge underneath which passes the river forming this unbelievable natural monument. From el mirador you can get a perfect idea of how perfect was the work of nature back in time, but also be prepared to sweat your ass off climbing up the mountain to enjoy the view!

Let's the picture talk now (to be uploaded as soon as I get back home!!!), because that's the only way you could feel what I've been talking about so far.
Me quito el sombrero.

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