The concept

When I first started this blog my only goal was to have a diary always available wherever I was and to look at it as you might look at a real photo album...with that kind of feeling that you get from the old good memories.
Little by little I started realizing that Flamingshoe was becoming more then it was meant to be, and as my ideas towards life were evolving the blog started to turn into something else as well. Traveling has played a big role in my life, and from my journeys I learned more then I could learn in any school or university; that's when I started to think at my blog like a place where I could share my experiences, my approach to a way of traveling that led me to meet thousands of people, a simple way of moving around that took me to places I wouldn't have known.
My next step now is to take my blog beyond (to the infinity and beyond), a level where my love for traveling is not only the expression of the pleasure for staying on a secluded island and get to know any of its hidden corner, or to simply spot an interesting web site useful to the travelers community. I want this blog to help me to feel useful to the world, to the environment, to the poor children I met along the way. Because the pictures I'm selling on my blog are not a way to make money, but to save enough money to try to accomplish a lifestyle that will get my hands dirty and be active on this planet. Some people feel released sending an sms and donating money for some natural disaster or to adopt a small kid on the other side of the earth, some others do volunteering during the week end. I get the greatest emotions from being there, maybe cleaning up a beach from our wastes or giving my old cloth to a poor man sleeping on a street of Varanasi, but either ways I can't stay still (that's where the name Flamingshoe comes from) and keep wasting my time, because from all this I get back something my normal life will never give me: the impression that I'm really giving (not only in a material way) something.

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