Happy 5th Bday Espresso Yourself!!!

This post is not meant to give usefull informations about the cities I'm about to mention, but with it I want to celebrate the fifth birthday of a video project I invented on a hot summer night.
It was back in 2006 when I decided to leave for a european tour of my Espresso Yourself project. The budget was 1000 euros and a month free to touch Prague, Berlin and Oslo. Everything started from a crazy idea I had a couple of days before, and right away I found out that a friend of mine (Matteo) was driving up to Verona. I couldn't miss the chance to get a lift and reach the city where I would have taken the train to go to Prague from. After a quick stop over a wonderul restaurant somewhere in Veneto (can't recall the name and location), I finally jumped on the train and met right away two sweet irish friends that wanted to take part to the project and joined me in my adventure. From Verona to Prague is a one night trip...and that night we really had a party! The day after we finally reached Prague central station and as soon as we jumped off the train a nice man approached the three of us and took us to a sweet hotel right behind the clock square. One room with private bathroom for three crazy guys at a ridiculous price.
I didn't get to see the city that much, since from the first moment we were all so busy to set everything up, from drawing the logo, to testing the coffee machines, but once ready we headed to the main square and sit there to start dreaming.The People seamed enthusiastic right away, and I couldn't believe my eyes how many stoped by to have a coffee with us or just for being curious about the event. In a couple of days we had guests from all over the world and I left Prague with a great feeling: Berlin was gonna be even better! The fab three split at this point since the girls were heading to A'dam.

Same as for Prague, it was my first time in Berlin but my staying here didn't start as well since during the trip on the train to Germany my video camera broke and the first two days were spent looking for a Canon center to get it fixed. But with no results! It would have taken too long and too much money...and that's when I decide to spend the rest of my budget on dj sets, tasty dinners and everything this city had to offer just to turn the bad luck into a crazy week. And that's what happend!
The whole thing ended up with me taking the wrong train on the way back to Rome, so I had to stop in Florence for the night where a friend of mine (the mighty Daniele from Montezuma) was supposed to live. Supposed, right...he was on vacation somewhere else, so my only choice was to spend another party night there waiting for the next morning and sleep on a bench in a park on a augost rainy night.
What a great experience!I really miss those days.


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