Swiss Alps

It happens sometimes that I check my adds on the right side bar of my blog and run into some amazing places.
That's how I found out about this incredible spot in the Swiss alps, a brilliant idea on how to restore and turn into wonderful houses some old style barns where you can spend a romantic week end or a whole vacation taking advantage of the many activities these guys organize.
The prices (considering the beauty of the place and the structures) are high but not scary, so if were you I'd give it a chance in case you're planning to spend your summer holidays away from the crowded beaches.
Check it out here and let me know what you think.

Interactive traveling

From Flamingshoe
Let's suppose I leave for a long journey on a low budget.
Would you be the ones supporting me deciding what I should do, where I should go and how should I get there (and much more)?!
My idea is to become the first reality (human) interactive show on the net, with you having the chance to lead me somewhere and somehow, and supporting my adventures. Not all places will allow me to connect and interact every single day with you, but for sure as soon as I will have the possibility I'll do so and update you with every thing, and posting a new poll letting you decide what my next move will be.
Being a photographer and a video editor I'll try to prove that I acted as you wanted and will show you the consequences through pictures or short videos. Little by little I'll try to make the project the more interactive I can, and you're ideas will be more then welcome as long as they're not dangerous for my health.
Please answer the poll on the right bar of the blog, and if you have any idea on what the name of the game should be please leave a comment.
Thanx in advance for your interest.

Mongol Rally

Oh well...this is not for everyone, but at least I try to post this amazing site to see if anyone has the guts to take the challenge.
Mongolia is not in my dreams (at least not in the top 10), but this is really a cool idea and to tell you the truth if any of my readers writes and tells me he'd go for it and needs a buddy...I might think about it.
The site is very well done and very comprehensive as well, so please take your time and try to find out the most you can about this adventure...and then take your decision.
Hope you enjoy it.

The Harvest Moon

Last year, in the area of Val d'Orcia in Tuscany, I organized the first of the many events I would like to set up in the coming up seasons. The location was just perfect, the weather a bit chilly at night, but with the help of some quality fire places and a huge amount of tasty local wine we overcame those "problems" and had a blast.
The sound system was working fine with Giulio on the mixer and everybody's mood was just ideal for an unforgettable time; and that's why this year most of the people who joined us in tuscany were at the Rokkette castle.
Highlight of the event was the photography session Michele had with his brand new Harley...I totally laughed my stomach off and it was a great pleasure to see the results!!! You can tell from the frames we were having a great time.Can't ya?!

Feel free to ask anything about the place and how to get there. I will put you in contact with the owner of the place, and you won't be disappointed at all.
And don't forget to leave comments!!!!

Isla de Bastimento (Panama)

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa
Crossing the border between Costa Rica and Panama after traveling for miles has been someting unfrogetable. An iron bridge crossing a river in the total silence of the area, with workers going back home after a though day in the banana fields and the water flowing under your feet while birds sing in some unheard melody.
In the arcipelago of Bocas del Toro (Panama), Bastimento was by that time one of the best places I've ever visited and where I felt the wildest atmosphere ever! 2/3 of the territory is a natural park where tribes have their own land and live there in their humble houses made of woods and palm leaves. They mostly survive thanks to cows and agricolture (as it happens pretty much everytime for this rural cultures). The enviroment is wild as I said, but the most beutiful thing is the varitety of situations. From hills facing astonishing views, to pristine beaches with crystal waters. Little rivers flow here and there and the only area where man has built some houses is on the inside of the bay, on that side facing the biggest island of the arcipelago and where Bocas del Toro is. Apart from some basic shops and guest houses, there's nothing in Bastimetos town, so if you're feeling like cooking some vegetables or buy a pineapple, or you're runnig out of money and need an ATM...then you have to take a "lancia" and reach the main city (Bocas del Toro). You can still feel the carabean mood here, but clubs and bars are available here...but I was looking for something totally different.

My hammock was set underneeth a house owned by a POrtorican old man. I could use his kitchen and bathroom, and I had my own shower outside next to the forest taking waters from the creek right next to it. But the highlight of that place would take place at night, when thousands of fireflies would start dancing in the dark and while the weirdest sound would come from the forest.
I had to walk 20 minutes everyday to reach the closest and most beautiful beach of the island. Great surf, empty spaces wild nature. I can't really remember the name of it, but it's one of the very few beaches reachable by land. Otherwise you have to walk even more...but then the scenary you'll be facing would take your breath away.
Remember to bring water with you, beacuse you'll be away from everything everytime you'll be discovering the island.
I will neve, ever forget such situations.

I miss you Bastimentos.

Green Style

There we go with another well done internet site about being green.
I've always been sensitive about this issue and always wondered what I could do to be more liable on this matter, and here's where a lot of my questions find an answer.
Please give a look to Green Style and try to do your best.


I'm always searching the internet for cool sites making it easy for me to travel with my mind or to gather information about my real next journey. Oh well, this time I got to the perfect corner of the many streets crossing on the web and found this marvelous melting pot of two of my greatest passions: travels and photography.
On TreakEarth places are told trough images shot by high quality photographers, and nice discussions grow around these pictures.
Thumbs up!

Country Walker

For those with the passion for trekking, here's a cool site planning your vacations according to your needs.
I haven't tested it yet, but to tell you the truth I thought about applying for a career.
Who knows...maybe one day.

Don't waste

Too bad it's only in Italian, but I'm sure the net is full of these kind of sites. If you know anything similar in your language, please write in the comments. Meanwhile enjoy it and try to follow the few easy rules they suggest.
Click here to visit the site.

Andaman & Nicobar islands

It was back in 2009 when my sweet E and I went to the Andaman islands and to be precise to the incredible Havelock.
The trip was exhausting since we were coming from an endless (and sleepless) night spent in the Calcutta airport (one of the ugliest and most uncomfortable I've ever seen), then a flight to a hot Port Blair (little tour of the main attractions such as the cellular jail), a short visit to Ross island (fantastic military reserve with old colonial building being swallowed by the surrounding nature) and finally a ferry to our last destination.
The arrival at Pristine Resort (10 euros per night for a deluxe hut!!!) was very nice thanx to Subi and Macca offering us a fresh juice and showing us right away our humble hut. The place is completely eco, all made of natural materials and settled right next to a wonderful and endless beach called beach #5. Here beaches are named by numbers (they also have indian names but this is the easiest way to get oriented a bit), and probably this island is world famous for its beach #7 (a.k.a Radhanagar Beach).
After getting comfortable with our place, we changed and headed straight to the beach to rest a bit and hang our hammock on some palm trees. Beach #5 is a huge, thin and long beach with crystal shallow waters thanx to the reef you have about a hundred meters out. To be honest this is not the best place for snorkeling or swimming (expecially if low tide is going on), but for that purpose you'd better head to beach #7. I suggest to rent a motorcycle to move around; they're cheap and most of the times in good conditions (indians fix everything very well) and the only two gas stations on the island will never disappoint you.

As I was saying Radhanagar Beach (let's call things with their name) is breathless! Most of the people (especially locals) tend to stop where the path to the beach ends, but I can assure you there's plenty of space both on the left side and the right one. If you like walking and want to discover a little bit more of the island, at the very end of the beach on the right side, just behind a hidden corner, there's a small lagoon with a sweet bay and some reef where you can have some decent snorkel, but if you're too lazy that day place your towel on the divine white thin sand anywhere, enjoy the amazing refreshing waters and wait for one of the best sunset you'll ever experience in your life. If you're lucky enough you might be able to see elephants walking on the beach or in the forest right behind it...but those are not wild ones, and they're always with some man next to them.
But our favorite beach among all was Elephant beach! On the way to beach #7, pretty much half way from where we staid, there's a path starting, and that's where you gotta drop you vehicle and start a nice trek (about 40 minutes walk) in the jungle leading you to a huge deserted mangrove field. Careful with the tides or you might get stuck either in the mangroves (muddy and sticky) or on the beach on the way back! The reason why we loved this beach, was beacause of the tsunami effects and its privacy. Since it's not so easy to reach unless you take part to one of those sad boat tours with hundreds of people, this area of the island is the wildest and most fascinating. The huge trees killed by the tsunami back in time are still there lying on the beach forming a labyrinth you have to go through and scaring you with their massive roots sometimes 3 or 4 times higher then you.
Once you pass this pretty rough area you finally get to a deserted part of the beach where a small river flows into the ocean. That's where you have to stop!!! The beach gets larger and probably you'll be the only one around there for the whole day, and if you're a snorkeling addicted, jump in the water and go find the big reef you have in front of you to spot some amazing fishes.
We also had a one day boat tour to a tiny island called Button if can, go for it! Only Seychelles gave me such feelings in front of such a huge amount of colorful fishes.

I don't know if things have changed a lot since last time I was there (things in India move pretty fast lately), but the island was still quite pristine, with a wonderful rural area in the inside, friendly and not annoying people (people who have visited India know what I'm talking about), and cheap like no other islands around the world with that kind of beaches and natural beauties! I suggest you to try the local restaurants and not to stick around western resorts or diving centers...this is not where you get the real taste of an area and most of the times the quality is not necessary higher then in the small characteristic eateries.
Keep the Andamans clean and enjoy them!

Rokkette Castle

From Rokkette Castle
Last year was the Harvest Moon in Val d'Orcia, this year I rented a whole castle for me and my friends, and with the help of Roby we organized one of the most relaxing, funny, tasty and ejoyable event I've ever planned. Not too far from Rome (an hour and a half by car) in an area called Tuscia, this fantastic castle can host up to 40 people and has got it all; from a real swimming pool with all the necessary around it, to a volleyball court, a table tennis, a pool...and a fusball!!! If you're that kind of person that can't stay still for a second this is the right place for you, and if you're the laziest person on this planet...this is the right place as well!
Don't know where and when I'm gonna rent the next unbeliavable set for another quality reunion, but please stay tuned on my blog for more stuff coming up, and if you want more infos about this place, please don't hesitate to ask leaving a comment on this post.
Cheers buddies!

Nice Type

There we go! After Art of the Tittle, another cool site with plenty of animations playing with typography.
Graphic designers of the wolrd...enjoy clicking here.

The Photographer

From last year classes over the ISFCI to today my passion in this field has grown exponentially. The school gave me the bases I was missing and the love for this art did the rest.
All the pictures you'll see in my blog were shot from the beginning with different compact cameras (mostly with a Panasonic Lumix), till the latest ones with a Nikon D90. The reflex world is a more demanding one since you have to go through a whole bunch of settings, but once the concepts of photography are in your DNA you'll be totally satisfied with the results.

Moonar and the tea plantations

And here are some astonishing views of the Moonar area from my faithful Royoal Enfield.

Mudumalai National Park

This is a short video of me riding my Royal Enfield through this amazing wild reserve. It's unbelievable how this environment reminds of a savanna: the colors, the kind of trees, the temperature. I was actually a bit scared to go through it all alone on a're in the middle of a wild tigers reserve and you might look to them just like a gazelle (and I was not riding so fast to enjoy the moment).
Just a little story.
Few days before then I was pretty sick with my stomach and by that time I didn't recover so make it short, I had to take a dump right away and couldn't wait any longer, so all I could do was to go behind a bush and do it. Only then I thought how humiliating would have been to be killed by a tiger while taking a shit!