Giglio island

Giglio island is defenatly one of the many treasures my country has to offer!!!
Just a couple of hours away from Rome there's Porto Santo Stefano, where you can jump on a ferry almost every hour and easily reach heaven with a short ride.
The trip itself is worth a chance, with the Argentario fading on your back and the rocky island shining in front of you with its colors.
As you approach the harbor you can already feel welcomed by Giglio Porto, one of the three little towns present on land and where most of the "night life" takes place. The colored houses and the many bars and restaurants make this part of the island the most enjoyable after a long day spent swimming in the turquoise waters. For the aperitivo (if you happen to be here around 7 o'clock) I recommend Meineken, with a rich buffet and a very friendly staff, whilst for dinner you can choose among three different restaurants: Meino for quality seafood right on the beach but a quite expensive bill, "La Pergola" for a great location and a reasonable price, and "Da Ruggero" for the great service and tradition (at a very good price).
The other town is Giglio Castello with its wonderful medieval setting and the great view you can get from there. Just take a walk into the walls and you'll never forget it. This town gets pretty crowded quite late, but still you can find good restaurants but expensive ones. If you want a "budget" (let's assume this is a pretty expensive summer place) dinner you can have a sit at "La Porta" and eat right on the main square just outside the walls.
Following the only road present on the island, you finally reach Giglio Campese, definitely the ugliest part of the island but where you can enjoy one of the best sunsets you'll ever remember. The huge bay of the town is also one of the very few beaches you'll be able to find, but on high season is totally packed with boats and way too crowded. L'Approdo is the place to be at aperitivo time, and you'd better get there early to get a table right on the sand. I'm not a big fan of this side of the island when where are not talking about "cale" (that's how the little bays present along the coast are called), then I can't really suggest any special restaurant.

But let's speak about hot bathing spots!!!
Beside the famous ones that you can easily find on any touristic map (l'Arenella, le Cannelle e le Caldane), I'd love to share with you some amazing spots I discovered with a little bit of effort and a quite hard walk.
My number one place is Capel Rosso hands down, a very tough spot to reach but for that reason very isolated and not crowded at all. The walk that takes you there leaves you breathless once you reach the light house and then the coast. The whole mediterranean sea opens up in front of your eyes and the smooth granite rocks are just perfect to lie on.
Another "cala" you can't miss is "cala dell'allume". To reach it get to Campese, follow the directions for the football field and once there ask to some locals, because you should park at the end of a dirty road and then take a wonderful walk into a small wood taking you on top of a hill. Be prepared to a great view, an intense smell of wild nature and a blinding blue coming from the bay waiting for you down there!
If you're staying at the "Baia del sole" camping then, you'won't have to walk that much to feel satisfied. The bay the have just beneath the structure is one of the most fascinating spots to relax and enjoy the italian sun surrounded by crystal waters.
Last but not least, i Faraglioni are the attraction of the island hands down.
The path to follow starts again from Giglio Campese, it's bit tougher then the others, but your effort will be payed back.
Beside all these options, you can have a great taste of the island renting a small boat with your friends. At Giglio Porto ask for Alvino and you will be super happy with his kindness and great service.