Mazunte, a hippy paradise on the Mexican Pacific coast

It's February by the time I'm writing this post and in my country this is probably the worst part of the year in terms of cold and weather. The Pacific coast is there blinking at me and my will of jumping into the water is just too strong. It takes 6 hrs by bus from Oaxaca to Potchutla, and from there you have quite a big choice where to go. Zipolite is the most popular seaside of the area and when I first left was actually my first choice, but as it happens all the time when traveling I changed my mind and headed to Mazunte.

Compared to all the other towns I visited during my five days stay, this is hands down the most natural, hippiest and well kept, and because of its beautiful bay is also the most comfortable for enjoying its waters (everywhere else the waves are so strong that might be dangerous to bath). Sleeping at Ottaviano's has just been the best choice: cheep, friendly and right on the beach...perfect for great sunrises! Although you can choose between a sweet cabaña and a place to pinch your tent, I opted for the hammock at the special price of 2€ and to tell you the truth I can't regret it at all.
Mazunte is not a place for big parties (some bars might have live music here and there) but it's just awesome for relaxing and enjoying the nature (and smoke fat joints all day long...weed is available pretty much everywhere at a ridiculous price). With a 10 minutes walk you can reach playa Mermejita, a huge savage beach where you can either sunbath (don't bath because the waves here will just smash you) or chill at the wonderful El Copan resort sipping on a cold beer waiting for the best sunset you'll ever see.

Close to here is Punta Cometa, another great place for sunsets, and if you're lucky as I was you can see the moon dance some indigenous people will do on the beach.
Another thing you shouldn't miss if you're around here is the Ventanilla natural park, where with few euros you'll get to see a sweet lagoon on board of a rural boat with a guide answering to all your questions and showing you the many birds, crocodiles and iguanas living there. I found it very interesting and with your visit you'll help this ecosystem staying alive.

What else to say? If you wonna escape from everything this is THE place on the Pacific coast of Mexico

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