Oaxaca. A city, a state in Mexico

I'm from Rome, and as you might know that is the Capitol of Catholicism and the city where you can find the biggest number of churches in the whole world...well forget about this statistic! Oaxaca, considering how small it is, smashes that record!

Every corner could hide a church, and all of them could be just amazing. Even if I'm a convinced atheist I've visited quiet a lot of them in my life (Notre Dame in Paris was the last one) and should be used to such sights, but believe me the one on "lo Zocalo" and "la iglesia de Santo Domingo" are just breathtaking!

What else about Oaxaca? Bring your shades because the sun hits hard and the blinding colors of the houses will make them very useful. Consider visiting the surroundings as well! Hierve el agua is the highlight, part of "The Mitlan route", and visiting the Zapotec carpet makers or the Mezcal palunques was super interesting and worth the price too (only 10€ for the whole day).

Talking about places to stay, I can only suggest you the hostel I stayed at; it's called "Luz de Luna" and it's got any range of choice from private rooms (with toilette but no shower which is always shared) to dorms. It's fairly cheap (100 pesos for the dorm) and includes free wi-fi and a modest breakfast...but above all it's clean, quiet and Eco friendly.
Food is an issue apart! Of course Oaxaca has plenty of nice restaurants, but trust me it's not worth going there when with 3 euros you can have a king size and delicious dinner over the markets (20 de noviembre is hands down the best)...without considering the huge amount of street food you can find all over till late at night.

Lobo azul cafè deserves few lines apart. This place is a gem outside the touristic side of the town, where are held cultural activities beside being a restaurant a cafè and a bar.
Don't forget to taste the world famouse Mezcal if you're a spirit fan!!!
Para servirlos señores.


if you're a wealthy traveler stay at "La Quinta Real"...I don't think I've ever seen anything like that!

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