Districto Federal...mind the gap. Next stop Oaxaca!

Mexico City is so huge that I have no idea where to start from, but let me be alternative and begin from San Angel. This colonia (that's how neighbors are called here) is just lovely, where time has stopped and all the rushing in the rest of this mighty city is left behind.

Colorful hoses lay on cobalt paved calles (streets) and each centimeter is an ode to colonial architecture. To tell you the truth I have no idea on how to get there with public transp 'cause I was so lucky to have my great friends Fermin and Patty with their lovely Sophia driving me around that day, but I'm sure there is a way since here things work very well (closely to perfection) and for 3 pesos (yes, you heard right!!!) the metro will take you everywhere . Another colonia similar to San Angel is Coyoacàn.

Same mood, similar structure but less attractive to me...maybe because less cozy (but we're talking about two masterpieces). The Zocalo here is a nugget and all the streets surrounding it will delight your mouth with plenty of gorgeous bodeguitas...can't suggest you any actually but they all looked inviting!

Moving to the more classic stuff, Mexico City (known as D.F. Districto Federal) is worldwide know for its cathedral placed on the Zocalo (which means square). I'm from Rome, where churches are all over and after a while you can't stand them anymore, but let me tell you that this one is f***ing impressive. Go see yourself!

If you wanna have fun, enjoy the night life, get a European taste and eat great food Condesa and Roma are the colonias you've been looking for! From cafes to restaurants you've got it all and here is also full of hostels and cheap places to stay...so don't find any excuse and get out there!
But dude, you're no one, you can't show up back in your country if you haven't tried the D.F. Street food!!! Un chicharon or una quesadilla is a must and as I like to say:"God must have been eating some chicharon when he thought about one of the deadly sins!"

Too long to go all the way through, but hey...the tourist bus is totally worth it! You'll spend 10 € and hoping up and down you'll be visiting all the main attractions of this amazing giant! Included the "Museo de Antropologia"...a must!

Can't close this post saying thanx again to Fermin and Patty for their hospitality...if I could I'd hug you with ten arms!

They live in this area called Polanco...way too cool to be described by such a gipsy like me!

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