A'dam between Rome and Mexico City

It's always a pleasure to come back to Amsterdam, expecially if it's a stop over for your flight bringing you to hotter places then Italy in this period of the year (in this case is Mexico). With 4.5 euros the train takes you from Schipol to Central station in a blink of an eye and then you're in the middle of the scene!
This city has just everything you might ask, but for my short stay I asked Jenny if she could host me and take me to some special place she discovered in the past two years she's been living in A'dam. Jenny and I met in Rome and we hung out occasionally in the past, but I always appreciated her super positive way of thinking, her energy, and as we met again...there she is! Smily,sharp eyes and her lovely way of speaking Italian typical of a South American (she's from Venezuela). We start talking and talking updating each other on our lives while smoking a fresh rolled spliff and walking next to enchanted canals, when we get to the Thai restaurant where we're supposed to meet Maggie...Jenny's girlfriend. The dinner is just sweet and we end up our night with a relaxing and digesting long walk back home in the Jordan neighbor where a mug of hot tea is waiting for us and a bag of white widow has to be finished before I jump on my next flight...

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