Dattilo, the country side you'd never expect to visit.

Rocco and Lia are two marvelous persons I was so lucky to meet during my stay in Pantelleria, and eventually happened that they had this ancient house in this tiny village in the country side of Trapani...right on my path leading me to Palermo (my next stop). And guess what? They invited me to stop by and spend the night there feeding me, showing me their micro agricultural world and making me feel part of their family.

I was coming from Marsala, where I went watching the huge and famous saline they have there, and planned with Rocco to meet in front of the only bar present in town.

It's not a great distance (not at this point of the trip when I'm super trained and in shape) but I didn't consider I had to pass through deserted areas made only of fields, sheep...and dogs! And I realized it only when, climbing a smooth hill, under a burning sun, I heard barking from far away and saw 4 huge white dogs running at me to protect their sheep! I think I did some world record that day. I suddenly turned around my bicycle and went down hill with these beasts right behind my back wheel as fast as I could. I didn't look at my speed but if my bike would have been a DeLorean I would have gone BACK TO THE FUTURE!

I had to wait for 45 minutes hidden behind the only sign of civilization before those dogs disappeared, but at the end, with my legs shacking, I reached Dattilo and spent an unforgettable night chatting, BBQing and drinking with Rocco and his nephew.
I'll never forget that day.

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