Japanese Easter

As I said in some of my previous posts, there's no need to move too much to feel like traveling...and this post proves it one more time.
I had just come back from my one month and a half unforgettable trip through India, Hong Kong and Seychelles, and I was taking a nice walk downtown Rome to feel finally back home when I ran into these crazy guys from a japanese TV network. Komatsubara was standing in the middle of Piazza Navona with a sign saying "I'm Japanese...do you want to be my friend?" and I just couldn't resist from stopping and trying to talk to him. I could never imagine that he was from a TV show and that hiding somewhere were his fellows with cameras and a translator.
The chat among the four of us was going just great, I was happy to bring some of my life experience into the show, when I suddenly thought about inviting them over my house for our family Easter lunch...and they accepted!!!
That's the way it all happened. We all ended up on Nippon Television Inc on a show called "Waratte Koraete".
I still can't believe my eyes!

6 commenti:

  1. you look great on camera! you are really a nice fellow!
    Lina Noccio

  2. is it really true that it was a candid camera in the beginning? did you really approach them without knowing anything? funny stuff!

  3. I totally didn't know what was going on...everything you see is candid as the ice on the north pole!

  4. Dear Lina Noccio...I'll introduce you to my girlfriend if you want... she's a judo black belt and spend some months in jail. It's up to you to keep posting such comments.

  5. mine was a very innocent and honest comment, but from the way you reply now I can say that you are also a real MACHO! yahoooooo

  6. And mine was a joke to see how brave you are...but thanx for the MACHO thing! Let's set up a dinner then...