L'anello di Bagno Vignoni

As hiking is one of my favourites hobbies and this area is hands down one of the most beautiful you will be able to find in Italy in general, I totally reccomend some trails you will never forget. L'anello di Bagno Vignoni is the one I experienced lately (you can take a look at the map here) and for sure this is affordable even for non trained people. It takes about 4 hrs taking it easy, and it's half in the shade and half under the sun (depending on the period of the year you go to this area). The path has got it all: form astonishing views to silent walks in the woods and at a certain point you will totally be breathless when you'll be facing the Orcia river and you'll be able to admire the ancient bridge crossing it (you can see some pics from my post called Val d'Orcia. It's worth to stop there for a rest and to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere (and maybe take a bath) and, depending where you started from, then head to the next town to refresh with a freezing beer (or a glass of wine since you're in the cradle of good taste).
Highlights of the walk are the Ripa d'Orcia castle and Vignoni alta, beside all the rest of course.Don't forget to deep your feet into the the natural thermal pools you run into when you'll be passing underneath the town of Bagno Vignoni
Please give it a try and then let me know what you think about it.
Comin' up more hiking trails I've tested just for you...stay tuned!

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