Shoe(t) the world

How many times you've thrown away a pair of shoes just because they're not on fashion anymore?! Or just because they had some scratches or a little hole where your toe is?!
And what about your kids' shoes?!?! They grow up so fast that in a few months you're not able to fit them on your kid's feet anymore, and most of the times these shoes end up in a box in a closet or in the worst case in the garbage.
During my journeys around the world's poorest countries, I've noticed many little kids walking barefoot getting infections or skin disease just because they're parents can't afford to buy shoes in order to feed them or send them to school (this is the luckiest option!). Some other times I took part to soccer games with locals where I was the only one with shoes on both feet...well, this is when I came to the point to develop a project to bring this people our shoes. The ones we don't even think about fixing them or don't like them anymore.
Shoe(t) the world is my own (crazy) idea to bring these items to these far countries (maybe taking advantage of the many people sailing in the oceans) and organize events to bring joy to these people giving them our shoes for free and recording everything on a picture (here comes the word game).
Maybe one day I'll have so many pictures to publish a book and do some fundraising to help the world in some other way. Maybe this will be a one shot challenge, but at least I wonna give it a try....

2 commenti:

  1. I always like you own crazy ideas!

  2. And I love the way my sis always supports me! Luv ya.