Click here and smash your ears with the just released track from "Camion".
They are a grinding, noisy, stoner rock band, have cutting edge riffs, raw vocals, pumping bass and smashing drums, it’s that kind of metal what made Soundgarden to be kings in the “Badmotorfinger” era. And some of their themes, riffs, verses may sound familiar from different angles. “Here Comes the Harlay” and “Here Comes the Cadillac” had a riff – the same one – which is very “I’m Broken” (Pantera), “Route 666″ obviously contains the verse “six, six, six, the number of the beast”, “Cowbell From Hell” keeps adrenaline high with the perfect tempo and some wining riffs. “Beers On Wheels” could be a Manowar song played by a punk/hardcore band, well, with your boots on or high on beers and wheels, life it’s just Rock N’ Roll. “Can A Truck Splat A Lollypop” may had a place on any earlier Social Distortion album and in the end, “A Serenade for Yokels” reminds me of Green Jelly.

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