Da San Quirico a Castelluccio

This is quite a demanding walk (click here for more infos) but as the one suggested in my recent post it's something you gotta experience if you visit the Val d'Orcia. For a small part it intersect the "Anello di Bagno Vignoni" trail, but for the rest it's a good mixture of paved roads and the tipical white country street framed by cipresso trees and views you will never forget. The end of the hike is in Castelluccio, one of those little medieval towns that made Tuscany world wide famous, but you'll also be facing sweet towns on the way such as Castiglione d'Orcia with it's massive Rocca d'Orcia. Be aware! In the first part of the path you'll be stepping on the "Via Francigena".
Respect bro!

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