Otranto, lu salentu, lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu.

What an amazing area of Italy!!! Il Salento.
This has been the stage for some of the most unbelievable vacations I've ever had in my whole life. Camping at Frassanito is something you gotta experience at least once in your life, and the bar Giro di boa right on the sand is the perfect place to hang out during a arsh day under the strong sothern sun. There's not so many words to describe the feeling you get from watching that coastline, the countless bays waiting for you to discover them and enjoy their wildnes, the crystal flat water shining for you just like two deep blue eyes belonging to a charminig norwegian lady. I'll let the pictures talk and the day you'll be roaming around the Otranto area and will be looking for "i laghi di Alimini", remember about this post and try to get lost the same way I did, because this is the place where no maps are welcome, no GPS, no nothing...just you and the unbeatable nature to make one thing.
There's one place in particular I want to mention in case you're a food lover and a special place hunter. L'osteria degli amici in Giurdignano. I've never seen and tasted something like that.
And if you're looking for a special place to stay and go back home with that special feeling only this land is capable to feed the people with, try the B&B Rauccio (http://www.bbrauccio.it/)

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