Isla de Bastimento (Panama)

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Crossing the border between Costa Rica and Panama after traveling for miles has been someting unfrogetable. An iron bridge crossing a river in the total silence of the area, with workers going back home after a though day in the banana fields and the water flowing under your feet while birds sing in some unheard melody.
In the arcipelago of Bocas del Toro (Panama), Bastimento was by that time one of the best places I've ever visited and where I felt the wildest atmosphere ever! 2/3 of the territory is a natural park where tribes have their own land and live there in their humble houses made of woods and palm leaves. They mostly survive thanks to cows and agricolture (as it happens pretty much everytime for this rural cultures). The enviroment is wild as I said, but the most beutiful thing is the varitety of situations. From hills facing astonishing views, to pristine beaches with crystal waters. Little rivers flow here and there and the only area where man has built some houses is on the inside of the bay, on that side facing the biggest island of the arcipelago and where Bocas del Toro is. Apart from some basic shops and guest houses, there's nothing in Bastimetos town, so if you're feeling like cooking some vegetables or buy a pineapple, or you're runnig out of money and need an ATM...then you have to take a "lancia" and reach the main city (Bocas del Toro). You can still feel the carabean mood here, but clubs and bars are available here...but I was looking for something totally different.

My hammock was set underneeth a house owned by a POrtorican old man. I could use his kitchen and bathroom, and I had my own shower outside next to the forest taking waters from the creek right next to it. But the highlight of that place would take place at night, when thousands of fireflies would start dancing in the dark and while the weirdest sound would come from the forest.
I had to walk 20 minutes everyday to reach the closest and most beautiful beach of the island. Great surf, empty spaces wild nature. I can't really remember the name of it, but it's one of the very few beaches reachable by land. Otherwise you have to walk even more...but then the scenary you'll be facing would take your breath away.
Remember to bring water with you, beacuse you'll be away from everything everytime you'll be discovering the island.
I will neve, ever forget such situations.

I miss you Bastimentos.

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