Fishermen's cove

So far I've been traveling quite a lot in my life and to tell you the truth the Fishermen's cove is one of those places I would reccomend to anyone. Giuseppe is the owner and you can totally rely on him and his staff for a high quality holiday in one of those country not so many people ever consider for their vacation (at least italians...but we're the best to be second in everything). Philippinos are just lovely, the crystal waters are something unforgettable and if you're a scuba diver...well, this is the place to go! The infrastructure has been improving since the first time I was there, and the swiming pool is the perfect place to relax after a long day on board of the amazing typical boat you'll be cruising everyday to go visit secluded bays or after one of the many entertaining activities they can arrange for you.
The first time I was there was back in 2000 and 7 years later (you can check some pics and read more about it clicking here) I decided to go back there to prove myself my mind wasn't playing tricks on me...thank god it was alll true, and even better.
Not to mention the cusine!!! Delightful, blessing, unbelievable. The catch of the day is gonna be the highlight of the dinner for sure, but if you're not in the fish mood Giuseppe will be more then happy to satify any of your needs.
To make it short...100% happy to go back there again and again and again.
Hope to see you soon Peppe!
Take care.

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