The Venice carnival


It happened few years ago now, but still this images are very clear in my mind.
The Venice carnival is an experience you should try at least once in your life, because this city during those days turns into a carousel and each corner is the ideal place for a small party or a dj set. It happened to me to find a dance hall with the dj playing from a floating platform in the middle of a canal!!!
But beside all this, the masks (as you can see form the pictures) are something astonishing. They're master pieces, people rent them from hundred years experienced manufacturers and sometimes spend plenty of money just for the pleasure to have the most admired mask and be captured on a film. Even dogs get their own masks, and sometimes they're the funniest ones.
I was very lucky to be there on sunny and warm days and that's when the shiny colors of the masks give their best.
It's not Rio de Janeiro for sure, it's not samba and naked women but you won't believe your eyes anyway, especially because the city itself, the stage of such an event, is the second most beautiful city in the world (Rome is definitely beyond)!
Go, go, goooooooooo to Venice for the carnival!


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