This is the next project I'm working on.
It's gonna be a TV format on typical food and beverages from different regions of Italy.
As we all know, my country is worldwide popular for its huge amount of monuments, its deep culture, its fashion...but above all the cuisine!!! The formant wants to link all these features together with the help of local people and the city halls, collecting during the day, on board of a APE vehicle, all the necessary to set up an APEritivo in the middle of the main square of the town I'm visiting each time, and have a chat with as many persons as possible.
Hopefully it's gonna be on air soon , but since I'm the only one doing the production and all the rest, it's gonna take time. But be patient and you'll have a blast watchin' it.
Stay tuned.

2 commenti:

  1. great idea! looking forward to see an episode? will it be in English?

  2. Just be patient my friend! I'm working on it and I promise you won't be disappointed. If it's gonna be in English? It might be in some parts, but most of it I guess it will be in Italian with subtitles. Can you imagine an old italian man from a tiny town of the country side speaking in English?! But I want the format to be the more international I can, so that as many people will be able to enjoy the beauty of my country and my people.
    If you want to be updated with my blog, I'm gonna make it possible with some RSS feeds so that you'll receive a notice as soon as I post new stuff.
    Stick around my friend!
    El campesino.