Granada, Nicaragua 2005

There's no way any other place can take over Granada in my "Best places ever visited" list. It was love at first sight, starting from the amazing, stunning, unreachable, unforgettable and breathtaking "Bearded Monkey".
By those days it was totally the place to stay in Granada; from the mood you could feel at any time of the day, to dinner time when people from all over the town use to start filling the internal patio to taste the wonderful local dishes, pleased by a delicious soundtrack on the background.
It was just a matter of time, and I discovered the beauties the architecture could offer just few steps outside the building. Ancient churches in their decadent look would catch your attention at a glance; visiting the streets where the market takes place is the experience of your life...try to be there right after sunrise, and the light will do the rest!!!
The main square is where you get the real essence of the spanish colonization in town. The cathedral, perfectly restored, is surrounded by a sea of other amazing examples of what the past did offer to the town. Bright colors, smooth curves, fancy ornaments...just a party for your soul and eyes!
Don't be afraid to take walk in the little alleys though!!! Compared to other places in Central America, Granada is relatively safe place...especially during the day! As you get closer to the lake (don't forget to visit "Las isletas"), the town gets more real, loosing that touristic look the very downtown has. I'd rather be a bit more careful at night, but as long as you don't look too much as a gringo (people down there hate Americans pretty much due to the history of the country) you won't have any problem enjoying the Latin atmosphere.
The food in town is quite good everywhere, but as in any place on earth, the more you stick around the main square the more the quality drops down. For a cozy night, surrounded by young people and with a good music in the background (beers are cheep pretty much everywhere), join the "Hospedaje Central" where you can also get a bed to sleep for very little money in a clean environment (even if The Bearded Monkey is waaaay better).
And once you're tired of the city, just few minutes away by bus (actually the bus drops you on the main road, then you have to hitch hike...but it's safe) there's another place I'll never forget:
"La Laguna de Apoyo".
In the middle of nowhere, in this volcanic pot, you have the chance to experience the refreshing joy of the laguna's turquoise waters; and if your clever (or lucky) enough to go there during the week end you'll be able to experience how the locals spend their time with their family and friends delighted by some mariachi live music while eating some good food served by the shores in one of those typical restaurants.
And remember...don't be shy!!! There's sooo much out there to discover! Just ask the locals...they're just lovely!

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