Egadi islands part four...Gioacchino

Again the rooster...but today we feel like two real explorers so we decide to go find some special unspoiled spots. Blacky leads us to Scaro Cavallo where she decides to stop and to be parked considering the view. On our left the little town cemetery and in front of us Levanzo and the Trapani coast to turn everything into a painting. Again tuff rocks and caves make the surroundings astonishing, and the entrance to one of these caves leads us to an unknown path following an unbelievable cliff on the turquoise sea.
Spotting hares, getting needles in our feet and stuffing down figs and mellon just bought from the local farmer, we reach this huge tuff pit where Daniele wants to get down to find an outlet to the sea...but not succeeding. The view is so incredibly beautiful that we decide to postpone our swim of the day to enjoy Cala Rossa on the background, the sailing boats looking like millions ants in the sea and a little hawk playing with the currents!!!
Once back to Blacky at Scaro Cavallo we opt for staying there a bit and spread our bodies under the sunset light till 7 p.m, to have dinner at Bar Cavallo where a peacefull atmosphere and the genuine and simple cuisine make their garden a tale come true...a little paradise. Hammered and satisfied we head to town where the crazy Favignana night is waiting for us.
And that's where we met him, the Rais, Gioacchino (, very Gioac and not so ino. A man, a mountain, a mith for the island inhabitants, the man portrayed on many pictures rapresenting him struggling 500 Kilograms tuna fishes in the mattanze.
Daniele, just like a terrier does, spots him in the middle of a huge crowd while talking with some tourists in front of a good glass of local wine and gets close to the grand fisher man to solve his doubt: "Are you the one from the many pictures I saw around?". The Rais stands up in all his majesty and gives his massive hand to shake and introduce himself. Daniele nearly reach his hips, but he manages to book a day trip around the island on Gioacchino's boat for the coming up days.

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