Egadi islands part three...the rooster

On time like a bank asking for money, at 9 a.m the rooster screams loud from the camping's speakers and following the official resident voice at the reception informs us about the weather and the wind blowing in order to choose the rigth side of the island to go enjoy the day under the sun.
On our bike we head to our favorite grocery store on the way, to buy fruits for lunch and two carpets to lay comfortable on the rocks and then we park next to Lido Burrone. The first impression is good even if a bit over crowded for our standards. Maybe families like it because it's close to the street and there's few beaches to sun bath on, but the colors are still amazing so we decide to stay and take great naps on some uncomfortable tuff rocks (that's why we bought the carpets) and wake up only to refresh sometimes, bite the delicious fruits we have, and read few lines of our books.
Around 7 p.m. we decide to save some good 50 euros and we choose to head to Camarillo Brillo for an enormous aperitivo.

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