Egadi islands, part 2


The revange is just around the corner though. At a glance, the following morning, Francesco delights the two of us with a supreme spot that has 10 cm of space around it. Elena is satisfied with it! Her new house is now pitch number 208.
Blacky (our Ducati) can't wait no more, and we leave right after sunrise to explore the island. First dive at Cala Rotonda that is not so crowded considering is aug 15th, but as soon as some people start to show up, we start one of our crazy explorations ending at the tuff caves. Danny was almost put under arrest for showing off his moray in public spaces, during one of his water tricks he was performing for being so happy about the beauty of the spot. A lady relaxing on a boat anchored just out there, did not really enjoy the show and called the cops.
Aperitif over the “Camarillo Brillo” that gives that little sweet buzz to Elena, enough to leed the two of us (on our elbows) over “La bettola” (better to book in advance!!!). Service is great (ask for Umberto, a smart and nice boy working and owning the place), price is good related to the quality!

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