Ryanair. Trapani's Birgi airport, a short cut to Levanzo.

Wow, I've just realized that it's been quite a lot I haven't posted anything on my blog, but that's mainly because I've been busy at work to get ready for my vacation...and then with my vacation itself!
But I'm back again, more motivated then ever to tell you about great places to visit and maybe let you dream a bit.
This summer my choice was Sicily again, but to be more precise we decided to stay in Levanzo island.
From Rome (as from any other city with where Ryanair flies from), is really a piece of cake to get there: fly to Trapani, take a public bus to the port, a ferry...and in 20 minutes you're set!!!

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This is not the place for night life, shopping or anything compared to Ibiza or even the eolian island Panarea...this island is for true nature lovers, for those who love the wild, the quiet of a small town still looking like 50 years ago but above all for those who like laying on the rocks while sunbathing (and we're two of them!!!).
The main point here is that there's no sand beaches, but if you look at the bright side of the thing, during peak season you might run into little bays where you're gonna be the only one there to enjoy the amazing waters. That's what happend right the first day we challenged the island (beacuse you gotta "fight" against nature a bit to be alone) and got to "Cala Calcara" on the east side. Not only the bay is breathles, but on the way you have to go through a land property with a huge abbandoned villa inside where there no sounds at all around you and the time seams it has stopped. Villa Florio is the name, and on one side there's an ancient Saracena tower giving that special mystic touch to the place makin' it even more unbelievable!

One more hot spot you gotta reach with a tough walk is "Cala Tramontana", on the very north side of Levanzo. There's only one road on the island (and half of it is dirt road) and to get there you gotta walk all the way to the end of it (we're talking about a small island though) and then face a damn steep path into a canyon to finaly feel relased...but it's worth every single step, I assure you!
Let's have a break with hard places to reach, and let's talk about the place where you can enjoy one of the best sunset ever: "Il faraglione". From downtown (lol, this makes me laugh!!!) it's just a 5 minuts walk and to tell you the truth I think this is the best spot on the all island (actually on the way there there's another one, but I'm not gonna tell you since it's alway empty and I don't want it to get crowded).
"Cala Fridda", Cala Minnola" and "Cala Nucidda" are ont the east side of the island as well and are all pretty easy to reach, but it gets dark around 5 o'clock there (the sun sets on the opposite side and they're all underneeth a hill) so you'd better go there early in the morning if you want to enjoy them for a quite amount of hours.

Talking about the town, it's very easy to get lost in the many alleys forming sort of a labirinth, so be careful because you might run into some wild dogs very dangerous especially if their hungry!!!
Ahahahahahahah! Did you believe me?!?! Oh please! This is the safest place on earth, where you could leave your kid out till 3 o'clock in the morning and be sure they come back happy and with a big smile on their face. Life here is very simple and so is the night life...just be sure they can swim, because the only thing that could happen to them is to fall into the water.

The day we left, we were super sad and wanted to stay 2 more weeks there at least, and this thanks also to our wonderful house we rented where we had great moments and bbqs always chilled by the wind typical of a house on top of a 600 meters freaking stepp hill.
Though to walk up there, but unforgetable once you face that view!
Levanzo is totally among the three best islands I've seen in Itlay!

We miss you...but we will come back soon for sure!

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