Komatsubara Claus

Oh well! Few months have passed since my latest appearance on Waratte KoraeteWaratte Koraete (the name of the show in Japan), but it's been worth waiting!
First of all because in the era of trilogies, this is gonna be a duology and I'm happy it all happened and took place during some special holidays in a very perticular time of my life.
And second, because watching these two episodes I can finally scream to the whole world and the net that I'm proud of my family.
Some people might think it was kind of a show off posting on my blog such intimate moments (and it actually was, since it doesn't happen all the time to end up on a national japanes channel while taking a walk downtown Rome), but this is the proof that having a positive attitude and being surrounded by special persons sharing and being part of that positive way of looking at life make everything happen.
I'm glad all my relatives had the chance to live such an experience, and I hope in the future we'll all be able to look at those events like something that could have happend just because of a moltitudes of circumstances.
Thanx mom and dad for being such open minded persons...I hope one day you'll be proud of me as I am of you.

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  1. But the people watching the show in the studio are not Japanese, who are they? A couple have an Italian face!

    1. Yes they are. The whole show this time was about Italy. I have the all on air show, and it starts with Komatsubara visiting Cicciolina...

  2. Perfect mood, warm and cheerful atmosphere: it's the perfect Christmas episode of a new television Saga!
    And you are all so nice, funny and positive!
    When was it aired on TV?

    1. My dear Piccisssss!!!!! It was totally a wonderful experience that made our sense of family even stronger...I'm happy that the cameras did not ruin the atmosphere and every one felt spontaneus and let their feelings go. The show was on air Jan 18th with lots of people from other parts of Italy.
      Don't know if there's more coming up, but it was an unforgettable time to remember one day with my relatives.
      Cheers bros!

  3. oh my god - i never saw this.
    soooooo great!

  4. Hey Josh! Glad you like should check the episode one called "Japanese Easter"!!! You can find the link on the right bar among the most popular posts. Hope you're fine and to see ya soon. Cheers bro!