Sfizi di mare, San Foca, Salento

Together with my older post, this one is intended to enrich the possibility to have an unfrogettable experience in southern Italy and to be more precise in an area called Salento (Puglia).
My girlfriend and I were so lucky to run into Sfizi di mare right at the beginning of our short vacation, that all our staying turned into a culinary orgasm!
Right on the road following the coast of San Foca, you don't have to put to much effort to discover this place, first because of the chalkboard on the street capturing your attention and second because of the people coming out of this place with a big smile on their face. You must be a seafood lover but above all a raw seafood lover to enjoy it, beacuse all you get here is super fresh dishes coming right from the Adriatic sea.
The place is not that cozy, wiht plastic tables and palastic chairs, but that is the main value since here you're free to be yourself and no formality is required at all.
If you'll ever go here beacuse you followed my sugestion, please let me know what you think.

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