Santo Stefano...a bridge to Giglio island

I've been waiting this moment for months and now I'm finally at the peer waiting to be boarded on the Giuseppe Rum ferry to reach my dear island. My friend Silvia (met in Nicaragua in 2005 during one of my world famous journeys) is waiting for me there! I haven't seen her for a while now, but real friendship is when you meet someone again after a long time and it feels like you hung out just the night before...and that's what happens with her.

She knows how much I care for the Italian soccer national team and that's why she's already booked a table at a restaurant where we can cheer for our team and get drunk with some cold white wine...landing time 20.30...match time 20.45...just the time for a warm hug and the suffering will take place. Let's go Italyyyyy!!!!!!!!

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