In a Super Mario pose. Capel Rosso.

There's no way I can miss the chance to start my tour on Giglio island from my favorite spot ever: Capel Rosso!
This tip of the island at its very south is part of the marine park of the Arcipelago toscano made of 7 other islands among which Elba island is probably the most famous. To reach this secluded spot you have to go through a 30 minutes breath taking path (I noticed the community here did a great job improving the signs all over), passing next to one of the two lighthouses present on the island and finally getting where the silence is king!

Due to the toughness of the walk (especially on the way back after a whole day swimming) there's no one here most of the time,and that's why I get naked right away spending my day feeling free as a bird...just like the many ones flying above my head choosing this place as their nest. The turquoise waters make this spot unbelievably beautiful and once you jump into the water with your snorkeling equipment you will be even more impressed by the amount of fishes. Today, for example, I ran into a huge school of "occhiate" made of hundreds of fishes!!!

If you like climbing a little bit you can lay on the smooth granitic rocks and be right in front of the infinite horizon, otherwise you can take advantage of the steps sculptured in the rocks and reach a sweet bay with calm waters...either ways you'll be oastonished! You can get a better idea of what I'm talking about taking a look at one of my older posts on Giglio island too if you want.
After watching Super Mario last night showing off for his second goal against Germany in the semifinals of Euro 2012, I decided to use those steps as a training tool and start my wellness process right from today...stay tuned for the videos on my next post!

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