65 km/h on the edge

When this stupid app will allow me to publish videos too, you will probably understand much better the title of my post, but since then just enjoy my pictures and my storytelling. The outrageous speed was reached during my ride on one of the most beautiful roads I've ever seen in my life...from Castello to Capel Rosso. A series of curves hanging on the most delicious view you could find on this island, surrounded by silence and a wild nature! And hundreds of meters down the bluest sea. Wow!

Giglio riding from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

Where can I go recover after such an emotion? Which path will I follow this time? I heard Cala Sparavieri is a quiet amazing spot, and the walk (about 15 min) is not even tough. Going up and downs few times, passing through a pinewood and climbing some rocks, you will get to this "crowded" spot which will not disappoint you at all. Deep all of a sudden, the water here is blinding as usual due to its color and if you won't burn yourself and make it to the end of the day, you will see a damned good sunset! For dinner I suggest you to try the world famous grilled chicken from the "macelleria da Franco". With 10 euros you get a tasty chicken and some great potatoes...and you choose the table! I chose to eat at Giglio Porto on a bench to feel some "chaos" after a whole day in the quietness of the island.
Stay tuned and maybe you'll get some videos too!!!

A slice of life from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

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