Island #1 report

Giglio riding from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

While Italy was loosing 4-0 to Spain in the finals of Euro 2012, I was grilling prawns and fishes with my dearest friends Silvia and Ruggy in a wonderful porch facing a quite bay. I know Giglio island by heart but still I feel sick right after watching it fading away from the ferry. I will always have a special connection to This place either because I went there for the first time during a tough era of my life, either because it's always been faithful to me never disappointing me. The warmth of Giglio Porto and its colorful houses, the chilly air of Giglio Castello and its amazing medieval atmosphere...and above all its endless spots with deep blinding waters. At the moment I'm on the ship taking me to Sardegna sipping on an icy beer ignoring what my next month is going to give me, but my positivity and my traveler state of mind will do it all, sure that I'm gonna remember this journey for ever. I prefer thinking at my self old, hanging out in a park with lots of kids listening to all my stories, instead of taking care of the people paving the streets being sure they're doing a good job!
Let the real story begin.

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