Kilometri 460. My fucked up knee

All the circumstances were telling me that something was gonna happen! The maestrale (the king wind in Sardegna) was starting to blow strongly again, the sky was getting cloudy and dark and a fucking steep uphill was waiting for me before the next stop.

From Piscinas to Ingurtosu you have to pass through a canyon where old mines use to be, where history and the hard labor of brave workers are all over you in the abandoned buildings falling apart nowdays, and the wildness of the territory tells you everything about this area. But nothing is more significant then the road when you're traveling by bike, and here you can be sure to sweat your ass off!

About 15 Kms constantly going up, sometimes facing a breathless view but most of the time swearing for the pain in your legs...until "Passo Bidderdi" when you finally go downhill for other 12 Kms! Portixeddu and then Buggerru seam like heaven once you finally reach them, but the methereological conditions are not the best to enjoy the beauty of the huge beach laying between them...

and my knee hurts like shit! It will take me 5 days to recover perfectly from the injury, but in Carlo Forte I will find a tremendous hospitality that will help me getting better. And fall in love with this island!

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