Kilometri 90. Cala Frana, Nurra.

Cala Frana...a dirt road to heaven from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

There are no words to express the toughness of the path I cycled through today, but at the same time there's no way I can describe how I felt looking at the landscapes I saw! At the maximum speed I could go with my bike loaded with about 15 kilograms (I reached 40 km/hrs and believe me the balance was not good at all), I paddled on these dirt roads going through nothing but wild nature with the best view I could expect. I was sweating my ass off and my legs and lungs were asking me to stop...but I knew I was about to face something unbelievable. I passed next to some amazing spots, where I could definatly stop and feel satisfied with my self, but no...the next bay could be better I kept telling my self! All of a sudden the dirt road ended. I reached the limit (with my body as well). And down there...the heaven!

Waking up where you'd never expect from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

How the fuck am I gonna get there with my bike?! I looked around for a path and I spotted this tiny fucking steep way where I could kill myself, but hey...I got this far, can I give up now with such a beauty blinking at me?!
I don't think so many people on this planet would have been so insane...but I was, and when I reached down the beach, the few people that saw me struggling started clapping and cheering at me.

A light dinner on the shore at sunset from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

A light dinner on the shore at sunset from flamingshoe on Vimeo.

I felt like a hero, and my first thought was to push the bike to the shore and get the front wheel wet with that water...and swim till my last strength!
I will never forget today!

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