Bosa, a medieval jewel.

It's official. My stay here is over and tomorrow morning around 11 I'm gonna pack everything and start heading south again. As my last day here I wanted to do as much as I could so I pushed myself beyond the Torre Argentina and spent a sensational morning on a spot that I can hardly compare with others...but that's what happen every time you reach a new place on this wonderful island.

The bay doesn't have a name, but if you'll ever come here go to the tower, face south and look down...a couple of hundreds meters ahead you'll recognize what I'm talking about!
What about the rest of the day?! Downtown Bosa.

The calm water of the Temo river, the streets paved with stones, the colorful houses, the old ladies working on their traditional frames, the massive medieval castle taking care of the situation from up there...oh gosh if this place is spectacular!
Too bad I couldn't feel the powerful wind due to the houses and the little alleys surrounding me...back to my tent I realized I'm lucky if I still have a tent!
Stay tuned.

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  1. It's a pity we can't see your pictures anymore! Don't you have a facebook account were you can post them? And maybe remind it everytime you write a new post here? ;)

  2. Sorry for the late reply Carrot! I do have a FB account...I can try to do so, even if it could be a bit difficult for the reader to read and link the pictures on my account! Unfortunately Google has released this crapy app for iPhone that is causing me a lot of truobles...I counted on it before leaving but it has been very disappointing