Kilometer 300. Is Arutas and the Sinis peninsula

Since my last post I moved quite a lot in terms of spots. From the Bosa area I went to the Sinis Peninsula, way different talking about landscapes and consequently level of difficulty bike wise! Here it's mainly flat and riding for 60 kilometers it's not such a big deal! That's why from Sa Rocca Tunda I gradually shifted south in two days to Mari Elmi and finally to Is Arutas.

In Sa Rocca Tunda I stayed over Carlo's, a sweet man a met through Couchsurfing who made me feel home welcoming me with a sensational BBQ (we had a 1 kilogram Sarago among the many dishes) and some great jazz music in the background. From there you can reach down the other spots riding your bike on a breathtaking dirt road starting from Su Pallosu going all the way to Mari Elmi. Be prepared to face some views you will never forget and maybe stop here and there for a quick refreshing bath. I found some secluded spots, I wish I was with the person I love!!!

What makes this area so unbelievable and world famous is the sand, made of tiny white quarts seeds that during the hot sunny days just shine and become blinding without getting hot and burning your feet. Is Arutas is THE place! This huge beach is pretty crowded during the week ends but I was lucky, if I look at the bright side, because the wind has been so strong while I was there that I could enjoy it in a different way...

wild as I think it is during the other seasons other the summer. This is totally a spot to visit, but remember not to be an idiot and take the sand with's forbidden but above all it's pointless!!! And if you need a campsite go to Is Arutas camping! Clean, quiet and with planty of BBQ to cook your fresh food.
What else about the area? The lakes are definatly interesting if you do bird watching, but you might also be impressed because in a certain way they remind me of the salted lakes in Bolivia!

As a matter of fact locals call this lakes "le saline" even if they're not comparable to the one I saw in Sicily.
Anyway I really recommend this area, but at the same time i might start becoming boring recommending every place...but hey, this is Sardegna and every corner is a beauty!

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