Kilometri 340. My first flat

And finally it happened! I will not remember Tharros for its beauties, its amazing thin tongue of land splitting the sea into two different worlds, its old fishermen village (San Giovanni di Sinis)...not all of the above!

I got my first flat of the trip...and in my life in general! And all this happened close to the light house (check it on google maps), right in the middle of nowhere and with no pump in my bags (I lost it few days before). But to make a long story short, I changed the inner tube pretty easily and had to walk for about an hr on a steep dirt road pushing my bike and carrying on my shoulders all my equipment! The karma did the rest. I found this old local man in town who helped me with a compressor and invited me over his house.
I'm a little back on my schedule and the day after I decide to cycle a lot and reach my next point of interest...but I "unfortunately" stopped after 54 km at Marceddì for a refreshing beer!

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