Kilometri 500. CF stands for Carlo Forte

Sleeping on a hammock in Carlo Forte, down a street leading to an unbelievable cliff, under the roof of a sweet restaurant in Cala Fico, is definatly one thing I never expected to happen.

As any time I let myself go (this is my state of mind on traveling mode), things just happen flowing into the day. The night before I slept right on the sand just with my sleeping bag in "La Caletta", one of the many jewels this island had to offer, but today the wind direction was just perfect to visit the norther tip of CF. So i left my bags at the farest of the two bars on the beach and left for the ride of the day.
That's why I ended up in "Cala Fico"! Just because the wind wanted to.

The "Cala" at first sight is unbelievable, with its "fyord" look and the color of the water hitting your eyes in a delicate way. This spot is home of the birds care association LIPU, and the falcs flying above your head will tell you why.
Snorkeling into those waters is divine, the open sea right behind the tips of the bay calls you to go discover it and everything plays its role to make the scene become a painting. And when the deep dark night comes, a couple of hrs after an astonishing sunset, that's when you start seeing the blinking lights of the lighthouse drawing precise lines in the sky.

And now I'm about to go to sleep with all this just outside the porch of this restaurant I stopped eating at (El Chiringuito) with two friends I met on the way of my unforgettable islands tour, Francesca and Giovanni.

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  1. No pictures, no blog! Can't you post them somewhere else? John

    1. I know Jhon! I could post pictures with the iPhone app but then on a non mobile version the look of the blog gets all messed up! Maybe today in Cagliari I will be able to upload pictures and work on the HTML. Unfortunately the application google release sucks! They're receiving a lot of complains...
      Be sure that as soon as I can I will post as many pics as I can! I can't stand this either.
      Stay tuned.