Costa Concordia

I think the whole world knows what happened last January outside the coastline of Giglio island. Captain Schettino and the Costa Concordia were on every news and the images of the huge cruise ship laying on its side hit everyone with it's massive impact. Oh well.

As you might have understood from my previous posts, I'm spending some days on this island before heading to Sardegna for an outrageous challenge. Before landing here I promised myself that I would have never taken a picture of what made my country ridiculous to the world, but as I was approaching with the ferry to the peer I was just shocked from what I saw and changed my mind! I know these pics are not going to be anything new, but as a witness I want to express how sorry I feel for all this and share with all of you followers the views of this disaster from as many angles as I can. Sit down and take a deep breath!

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