Kilometri 180. Torre Argentina Tentizzos

Oh well guys! I did give up today. It was in front of the sign telling me that I was at my 18th km of the amazing sp105 linking Alghero with Bosa (one of the most beautiful roads I've ever seen) that I got off my bike and started pushing. The day before I stayed in town to rest and recover from my previous 60 Kms ride (but above all to watch Riger win his 7th Wimbledon), but either because I'm getting old or either because I paddled for 2 to 5 p.m, today I couldn't make it on that uphill!

To make it even more depressing I also ran out of water at a certain point, an found my self stopping a car in the middle of nowhere and asking for a bottle...and I got lucky!
But my great effort got payed back from this place where I'm camping now! Tentizzos, huge green mountains on my back and the world famous sea Sardegna has in front of me. I know you might get used to the landscapes I regularly posts on my blog, but believe me...from real are astonishing as the first time I faced them. The smell, the sounds, the sunsets, the colors...everything together is just the perfect alchemy!

I really recommend it here.
Stay tuned!

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